Democracy: Democrat Party operates in the “Gray Area” of the law on election spending

main auditorium of chulalongkron univercity

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There is an old saying, that one can see a great deal if one just pays attention (picture above is Chula University auditorium that is right across from the Royal Bangkok Sports Club).

A family member of mine just past away, and apart from going to a Thai temple, like some people when they feel depress and lost, the best way to work all that negative energy out is to go on long walks.

So this report is based on my experience from the past week, from going to the temple everyday and talking very long walks.

Well, long walks makes one very tired especially in hot Bangkok and so I stopped over at the club I belong to, and that is the Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC). Yes, RBSC is where about 99% of the Thai elite are members, and yes, the golf course in the middle of the city is great.

But it is also the same RBSC that about 7 years ago when Taksin was in power, got its members together and trashed Taksin to the Thai press and Taksin’s reputation as being hated by the Thai elite really, started at the RBSC.

And yes, it is the RBSC wall, that the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand tore down last year, in an attempt to break the Red Shirts protest, by going through the RBSC walls, into the police head quarter that is inches away from the Red Shirts main stage.

But this report is getting long.

So any way, I just went into the bar at RBSC and there were some old timers sitting there talking politics-and sure enough, there was a book on Taksin. I joined the conversation, and asked to see the book.

Well, the bar boy at the bar went behind the counter and produced a copy of the book on Taksin for me, and he said “compliment.” I looked behind the bar, and stacks of these books were there. Obviously they were being giving out.

Well, the book is in English and written by the staunch anti-Taksin Khien Theeravit, of Chulalongkorn University.

I know of him, but never saw the book. So I looked in the book, and Thai Intel readers would not believe the dirt levied on Taksin-to the extent that Taksin time as the Thai prime minister was compared to Hitler.

Well, who knows where those books came from?

But to give it out like that and having so many of them there? Must be costing someone a small fortune. And it is a new edition, printed this year and being given out before the election.

But one morning at the temple, I went very early. And at the temple there is a big famous high school.

I was shocked, when I saw about 30 people wearing the Democrat Party light blue jacket, giving out Democrat Party candidate materials to school children and also the parents that came with some of the younger ones-as the school was about to open for the day.

I figure someone is paying for those books on Taksin, as there were hundreds of them at RBSC and definitely, that 30 Democrat Party people or so working that one school alone-if this is representative of what the Democrat Party is doing all over town-it must be 100s if not 1,000s of people under pay hitting all the schools.

I just want to add to Thai Intel readers that there are Red Shirts and Taksin supporters at the RBSC.

In fact, a group of RBSC Taksin supporter issued a letter way back when the other group of RBSC members were attacking Taksin-and in fact sent the letter to the Thai press-but well, Thai Intel readers by now must know that most of the Thai press, especially way back then-they are mostly anti-Taksin and so that RBSC members letter supporting Taksin was not published. Not like the letter trashing Taksin that got front page coverage.

But the real battle at RBSC is going on.

Abhisit‘s government is just so corrupt, and when you reach the top of Thailand and hang around the other people who reached the top also-there is little secret.

The talk at RBSC is of a Abhisit minister, who looks as clean and non corrupt as anything. This minister, like many are a member of RBSC.

And the joke about this Abhisit minister, is that since he became a minister under Abhisit, he has been buying up hotels with cash.

“The man where everything has to be paid  in cash,” is the joke at RBSC about the guy (at the RBSC, you can only pay with a membership card).

The other joke at the RBSC is: “Whom are you going vote for the next prime minister? Man or Women?

The answer that gets everyone cracking up is “Gay.”

And then more laughter.

Well, I forgot my depression for a moment. Never a dull moment at the RBSC.

3 thoughts on “Democracy: Democrat Party operates in the “Gray Area” of the law on election spending

  1. Just one point about those “30 Democrat Party people” (and likely many more elsewhere) handing out election materials….. They could, of course, be “volunteers” receiving [cough] “expenses” rather than “pay”.

    But you make good points nonetheless – and particularly about the book.

  2. Is it possible to know the name and the hotels purchased by the minister who is the subject of jokes at the RBSC or at very least some useful hints as to who this character is ?

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