ASEAN: Vietnam in World Heritage tourism “Drive” as Thailand “Pull-Out” of convention

the type of culture most guys would want the World Heritage Convention to

  • By Pooky, Thai Intel’s economics journalist

Well, what can be said? Against all hopelessness, there are still some voice of sanity left in Thailand. Surakiet, a Thai elite of elite, that was rumored to head up a coup government by the establishment, if a coup do indeed take place, said Thailand’s pull out of the World Heritage Convention, is a bad idea and meant for internal Thai politics-where an election looms in about a week.

Then John Ungpakorn, a very neutral Thai academic, who has very little love for the Pheu Thai Party and Taksin, also twittered that the main beneficiary of the pull out is the political party of the man who pulled Thailand out of the convention. Then a Chulalongkorn, professor, at the university that has very little love for Pheu Thai Party and the Red Shirts, also said it was a bad move, and political motivated.

It is all about the election now-Abhisit of the Democrat Party wants to win the election, at any cost to Thailand-and so the pull out-is to build nationalism-days ahead of Thais going into the election.

Very few Thais realized the real implication, however, that this move signals some significant “Image Shift” about Thailand-in the eyes of the global people.

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  1. Yes, Yes it is 😉

    “the type of culture most guys would want the World Heritage Convention to promote…lol”

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