Politics: Taksin says “They are going to destroy Yingluck”

Better to weight Thai portfolio with sexy cash when Yingluck gets trashed as the crazy Thai establishment kills the goose that lays the golden eggs...lol

  • By Ranger and Pooky, Thai Intel’s political and economics journalist

We here at Thai Intel have always liked Taksin. “Yes” the war on drugs was horrible, but overall, Taksin has always been On the Money in what he says, frank, positive and open about things.

Even his corruption case, to many Thai legal experts and academic-is just the royalist, elite and military going after Taksin with a judicialized court, see here.

So when a few weeks ago, Taksin said the “powers at be” in Thailand is going to destroy Yingluck, his sister who is running a strong campaign against Abhisit-the poster boy of the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand-Thai Intel just laughed, made a note of what Taksin said-and said to ourselves, “Like really Taksin, you do not have to tell Thai Intel that.”

So the blasting away at Yongluck for false testimony in her brother, Taksin, corruption case-got started at the Bangkok Post, off course, where else-and since then the Bangkok Post have been keeping the story alive.

Like what is new?

What is new, is that the Yellow Shirt leader, Sondhi, said the Democrat Party, is behind the people spearheading the charges against Yingluck. Then, the old story comes up, the total judicialization of Thai justice system-kicks into gear and starts going after Yingluck.

Off course, Thai Intel readers are not going to be reading anything about what Sondhi said, or about the judicialization of the Thai justice system against the forces of democracy, liberty and justice in Thailand-or about Taksin’s warning that the powers at be are going to destroy Yingluck, as it did destroy Taksin-in the mainstream press like the Nation.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sach, the global power-house in financial services, just came out with a research, and recommended investors sell the Thai stock market based on negative political out-look. And the Thai stock market tanked, yesterday, the most in ASEAN-with foreigners selling net some US$100 million.

What lies ahead for Thai politics?

Who knows really, but based on the “Do or Die” mentality of everyone involved with the Thai political crisis and pulling all sorts of crazy punches-with all independent institutions, having failed to up-hold the law and justice-Thai Intel thinks the Thai stock market is looking more interesting by the day-as a gambling den to rival Las Vegas.

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