Justice: True Corporation gets the “Taksin Treatment” from Thailand’s famous TDRI

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  • By Pooky, Thai Intel’s economics journalist

Thailand‘s telecom firm True Corporation got a deal, packed with lots of controversial if it is legal or not, recently with a Thai state enterprise for the 3G business-this is well-known (picture above is Thaksin who like True got whacked by TDRI).

In Thailand, the foremost think tank on telecom business is Thailand Developmental Research Institute (TDRI). At TDRI, there are many telecom analyst, but the most famous is Dr Somkiat.

Dr Somkiat just trashed the True deal with the state enterprise as illegal and against the law-to which True just issued a statement, quote: “Dr Somkiat’s analysis is not based on sound academic principles and is speculative.”

Lets turn the clock back to Thaksin‘s corruption case.

On the date of the court passing the judgement on the Thaksin Shinawatra’s case, several of Thailand’s legal expert, made their views known, that according to the transcript of the judgement ruling, Thaksin was not guilty-if the courts was “Just.”

Those law experts said, quote, the Thai court ruling that Thaksin was guilty of corruption for damaging state interest, was based on one’s person opinion only-and guess what? That person is Somkiat.

The funny thing is, in those academic statement, it said, quote: “The judges in the court refuse to listen to testimony of other academics and relied on Dr Somkiat’s opinion that Thaksin caused massive damaged to the state on the telecom business.”

Thai Intel, just wants to add a personal touch to this report.

When Terry, the editor of Thai Intel was the editor of CIO Forum, a high-tech, magazine for Chief Information Officer, Terry went to interview Dr Somkiat.

Terry, counter balanced Dr Somkiat’s opinions with other TDRI analyst-to which Dr Somkiat got extremely angry with Terry, and said quote:

“Do not run the story, if you are going to write it that way. Those other  TDRI analyst are not me.”

(Up-Dated: And guess what, the Thai Court threw out charges against True-that is based on TDRI’s position. True by the way, is a staunched supporter of the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand)

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