Thai Crisis: The latest from Yingluck on what is going on in Thailand (Up-Dated)

(Up-Dated) Yingluck says she is willing to die fighting for Thai democracy, like a soldier who dies in the battle field.

Fascist Suthep, backed by Abhisit’s Dems voter based and the hate Yingluck middle class and elite of Bangkok are on a protest rampage, able to call up about 100,000 to 300,000 protesters, on big protesting events, that the Fascist Suthep says will keep on occurring. Fascist Suthep has a core of smaller protest group, about 5,000 on call 24 hours a day to instigate havoc to anything. Thailand’s independent units, such as the constitutional court, the anti corruption commission and the election unit, all part of the elite establishment, are conspiring against Yingluck. (Up-Dated) The anti corruption unit filed charged against Yingluck in what IHS, the risk consultancy says, a “Judicial Coup.” The Thai military is concerned about a civil war. An election is called for February, where both Fascist Suthep and Abhisit Dems are targeting to stop it. (Up-Date) An election was called and blocked by Fascist Suthep so it is not complete, and the EC is doing everything to stop it from being complete. Fascist Suthep wants a people council, to reform Thailand, freezing Democracy, for an election at a latter date, while the latest from Yingluck is also a reform council, to occur together with the election.

So what is going on in Thailand?

The latest from Yingluck, on what is going on in Thailand according to her, is that she says she will let the people decide who is right or wrong, according to deputy government spokeswoman Sunisa Lertpakawat.

“I’m like a fighter in the ring, waiting for the referee to make a call that is in line with the rule of law, but the referee has yet to decide. I’ll let myself be beaten to death and let the audience… decide and I won’t ask anyone to help me and the government, but I’ll ask anyone to save our country,” Lt Sunisa quoted Ms Yingluck as saying during Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.

She said Ms Yingluck would like the general public to help find ways to make the country move forward and did not want to cling to power or position. However, she did not want justice to be destroyed repeatedly. The premier also delivered a New Year’s wish to the cabinet and the Thai people, saying she wanted them to be happy and receive pleasant things, not the pain and suffering that she and her family were going through, Lt Sunisa said.

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