Human Rights: The “Internet Freedom” hypocrisy of Obama & Hillary over arrested American in Thailand

Hillary Rodham Clinton, January 2007

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Like many people, when Obama became the USA president, I felt that a new era was emerging in American politics that will be a positive force on global development.

That is especially true, when Hillary (picture above), the USA state department secretary, started to talk tough on promoting “Global Internet Freedom.”

Like does Thai Intel readers remember Obama and Hillary saying so many many times that “Internet Freedom” is a priority foreign relations policy and corner-stone of the administration?

More optimism came, especially with USA Congress allocating money for the effort to keep the internet free.

Then amazingly, things started to fall apart-well as far as America’s position on Thailand internet freedom is concerned.

Way back, when the Thai government started to go crazy in blocking the internet massively, to the point that Thailand today is worse than China, Hillary gave support money to the Thai Information, Computer and Technology Ministry for technical development.

The ministry, is the main unit in Thailand blocking internet freedom.

Say what? Hillary gave money to a unit that is one of the worse in censoring internet globally?

Back then Thai Intel was shocked, and asked if that was the money congress allocated to keep the internet free, just being used to grease the wheels of Thai and USA relation, forgetting  internet freedom.

Then another shock, Thai Intel was the first to report of an American, on American soil, being investigated for lese majeste over his internet activity, by Thai officials-and amazingly with the help of American officials.

Say what? American officials, helped Thai officials investigate an American, on American soil, for Thai lese majeste case relating to internet freedom?

Then the latest is that an American who came to Thailand for medical treatment and arrested for lese majeste for his internet activity.

The American Ambassador to Thailand and a USA Senator who happened to be in town, said absolutely nothing about his arrest by the Thai officials.

Say what? Not a single word from top American officials?

Like Thai Intel says, Obama and Hillary’s hypocrisy.

In American culture there is a saying, “Life is like a game of baseball, three strikes and you are out.”

Obviously, Obama and Hillary had struck out when if comes to internet freedom in Thailand.

Or is it that Obama and Hillary never was in the game to win?

One thought on “Human Rights: The “Internet Freedom” hypocrisy of Obama & Hillary over arrested American in Thailand

  1. Does it surprise you?????? This is the truth America!

    “The wolf in sheep’s clothing” country!

    Obama and his Hirlary are also just Puppets of Pentagon! Ooooop’s

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