ASEAN Defense: Death Threats in Thai Parliament debate and “Assassins of Petchburi?”

Siamese cats in a Parlimentary death threat

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Petchburi province is where a great many Thai assassins comes from. When ever Thai police goes on a hunt to reduce the numbers of assassins in Thailand, they zoom into the Petchburi province-and usually able to scoop up large numbers.

In Thailand Parliament yesterday, the Democrat Party MP from Petchburi, after a heated argument with Puey Thai MP, Chatuporn said, “There is still three funerals I will go to.”

The Puy Thai MP, Chatuporn, said “Do not just threat me like a cheap hoodlum, but go ahead and carry it out.”

The three funeral to go to, most believe is the funeral of the three leaders of the Red Shirt, that includes Chatuporn.

Those words sparked an outraged, this morning in most Thai press, who said “For the first time in Thailand’s history death threat was used in the Thai parliament.”

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