Journalism: The Bangkok Post Connection! “Protects the Elite”

Journalist sometimes need to look deep inside themselves

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Well, if you wonder why the Bangkok Post, did not put on the front page “Something Historic” in Thailand-like the 20,000 Red Shirt going to protest a golf course, owned partially by Bangkok Bank owners, that privy council Prem opened that sits in the middle of the mountain, with a threat to burn up Bangkok Bank saving account-perhaps the following will tell you why.

Bangkok Post board of directors include a Sophonpanich family member that runs Bangkok Bank and a Vajachiva family member that is a relative of Abhisit the prime minister. Then also the Chrathvat family of Central.

The Vajachiva guy, apart of being a board member of the Bangkok Post is also a senior manager of Post Today-which as most of you know, is very anti-Taksin to the point of calling Taksin a “Buffalo” for going to Cambodia.

Then the Vajachiva guy is married into the Chrathivat family of Central. Central off course, targets its shopping centers to the rich-that poll says votes for the Democrat Party.

Then other Sophonpanich family members are members of the Democrat Party and staunch Yellow Shirt supporter.

So you can see, that poor Bangkok Post editorial department-surrounded by very big guns, being Bangkok Bank, Central and the Democrat Party.

Oh, by the way, until a public outraged, Prem off course was the figure head of the Bangkok Bank.

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