ASEAN Defense: FBI source “1980s imprisoned US Drug Kingpin, now out of jail, heading to Thailand”

Looks like jail taught many cat to be more bad cats

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

An FBI drug enforcement agent, working with Thai police, told this blog that a number of drug traffickers who have served their 20 years jail term in the US during the 1980s “War on Drugs” are heading to Thailand.

“Thailand is now the new central point in the future of global drug trafficking,” said the FBI source.

According to the FBI, a massive campaign to recruit bilingual Thais have just been completed, to aid the increasingly large US drug enforcement efforts in Thailand.

Unfortunately, Thailand has everything drug kingpin needs, said the source, mentioning the Thai environment of corruption, availability of a wide variety of drugs, availability of weapons, a large foreign community-all setting in a tropical rain forest environment of difficult terrain for law enforcement.

“The Thai military is helping out and also the police, however, this issue relates to the Thai foreign policy and wider national security issues and their assistance is conditional. We have been given a great deal of freedom in our activity, however, this is a loosing war at this point,” said the FBI source.

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