Thai Culture: Shakespeare Would Love Thailand’s Jungle People

Too bad my Siamese cats never read Mac Beth

By Tammy, this blog humanities journalist

I admit, when I was in high school, I hated being forced to read Shakespeare. But then only in college, did I become an avid follower, and went to the theaters.

If you think Shakespeare found Britain to be full of rich materials for those really classy and very real situation comedy, my opinion is that Shakespeare will find Thailand a hundred times more interesting.

Take the following for example:

You know the Pury Thai Party does not like the four pillar house guy at all. if you like him or not it does not matter, but in the Thai parliament, the Pury Thai blasted away at the guy, for calling millions of Thais a traitor and that the guy is not neutral like a good councilor should be as the law says he should be.

So that respectable house of representative, went into a total riot and fell apart like a house of cards. There were yells and screams and threat of boxing and kicking matches, all over this guy at the the four pillar house.

So the Puey Thai really hates this four pillar house guy to the maximum, and you would think that is it, the bottom line as far as hate is concerned.

But then today, the cutting edge Thai Rath, as always can be ac humorous as it comes in its reports, said that about 10 former boss of the Thai Army Special Warfare Command, had joined the Puey Thai party, totally ignoring the four pillar house guy conviction that anyone who joins Puey Thai party is a “Traitor of Thailand.”

Well all of that is not really funny, because these Special Warfare jungle guys, are as mean and dangerous as they come.

But what Shakespeare may find humorous, is Thai Rath’s report that, at the press conference, announcing these jungle people joining Puey Thai Party, these soldiers guy, the type that one would think will love and support the four pillar house guy, did something very weird.

Thai Rath said they literally used very foul language in attacking the four pillar house guy, indicating as Thai Rath said, “A Total Hatred.”

Then instead of clapping their hands in support of these jungle people, by the Pury Thai MPs in attendant, Thai Rath reports that they were freaked out by the attack, and had “Odd and Strange Expression” on their faces.

And that other Puey Thai MPs, simply covered their faces with their hands, and tried to hide away from it all.

Like we say, Shakespeare would be in love with Thailand.

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