Journalism: Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters & Bloomberg are the “Enemy of the Thai People”

Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters & Bloomberg are the “Enemy of the Thai People”

Having been a full-time journalist for most of the past twenty years, towards the end, I cam to the point of “Hating” myself.

It was the “Ego” situation, most journalist who became well-known and powerful fall under. And that was me, brushing aside the repeated question from people on all side, of “Who do you think you are?”

It took me years of adjustment, to become a normal person again, with an “Ego” that is normal and down to earth.

And as I looked back at my writings over the years, many “Horrify” me today, of the blatant “Ignorance” I exhibited, in that state of journalism “Super Ego.”

  • And so I just want to warn the journalist and editors at the likes of Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters and Bloomberg, that from my down to earth perspective, all of them, have gone “Absolutely Insane with Power” in their reporting of Thai news.

For example, latest, is the Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters and Bloomberg, have clearly, taken the side of the Thai Constitutional Court.

What is amazing, is that a “Judicial Coup” just occurred in Thailand, with for the first time in Thailand‘s history, the court, being the Constitutional Court, have told the Thai Parliament to do this and do that-in this case, to stop amending the military constitution, where a few years back, during the Thai civil war, Aung San said, quote: “Thailand is the proof that a military constitution does not work.”

  • It does not take a genius, but just mostly “An Ignorant Fool” being that on purpose or a real character trait, not to see that for the first time in Thai history, the court is infringing on the legislative branch powers.

Clearly, for the likes of Bangkok Post and the Nation, to be pro-Constitutional Court’s “Judicial Coup” is understandable, as both have long been a part of the Thai establishment, where fascism, is a real character of the establishment.

Expecting the likes of the Bangkok Post and Nation, to understand and appreciate the separation of power between the legislative, judicial and administrative, may be way too much for a Fascist brain, but again, that is the nature of the two newspapers.

  • However, what is the excuse for Reuters and Bloomberg?

How can global class foreign press, like Reuters and Bloomberg, can not understand that a “Judicial Coup” have taken place? How can they not know about the separation of powers?

Moreover, how can they ignore the Thai Truth Commission and the Thai Commission on the Rule of Law, where both came out to strongly criticized the Constitutional Court?

  • Must one make a speculation, that it is all about money?

Off course Reuters and Bloomberg and mostly a financial service company, and here in Thailand, their “News Terminals Box” are sold mostly to the Thai business sector. And off course, the Thai business sector is part of the Thai establishment, that is again, being services by the Thai Constitutional Court.

So God on the dollar bill forbid, Reuters and Bloomberg from criticizing the Thai establishment.

  • Yet having said that, there is still a thing called ethics and professionalism with journalist, particularly, journalist with global wire services.

Thai Intel just wants to remind Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters and Bloomberg, that perhaps one day, Thailand will be truly democratic, and while the current “Super Ego” of Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters and Bloomberg may be riding “High Powered” with the Thai establishment-if that “Democratic Day” comes, it will certainly be with no help from the likes of Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters and Bloomberg.

  • In fact, Thai Intel will say it right here and now, that Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters and Bloomberg are the enemy of the majority of the Thai people.

By the way, in case, Thai Intel’s readers do not know, about 70% to 80% of Thais said they want Democracy, and other polls said they wished, Abhisit’s Democrat Party, stood for democracy.