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Thai weapons not sexy enough for Prayuth

Bangkok Post‘s national security journalist, just twittered, saying Thailand‘s army chief, Prayuth, have rejected “All” arms dealers request to meet him.

“The only way arms dealers can meet Prayuth, is to try to catch him at arms exhibition,” said Wassana.

Wassana has a long-standing relations with the Thai military, but at times, she also exhibits extremely anti-military attitude, balancing public relations for the military, truth, and critical thinking.

Is this latest from Wassana is fact?

Factual or not, what Thai Intel is concerned about is not corruption, as it is systemic in Thailand, but what concerns Thai Intel is the development of the local arms industry.

“The Thai army chief likes to study and research the latest in weaponry and that is why he goes to international arms exhibition,” says Wassana.

The fact is, a few years back, Thailand was to up-grade its small tanks. Local press reports Thai arms manufacturers came within inches, of inking the contract, with technology that matched what foreign arms dealers were offering.

At the last moment, the foreign arms dealers offered even more advanced technology, that Thai arms makers was not prepared to offer, but had the capability to develop, given a about half a year.

Prayuth, decided to go for the “Improved Package” offered by foreign arms dealers.