Expat in Thailand Whisper: Social Media Teaching Young Thais Skill They are Not Learning in School & the Result is Growing Generation Divide

I came across several Western expat friends, who tells me, young Thais, are learning from social media, skills that Thai school and universities skip, and that is how to think independently.

“They are learning from social media, about the real Thailand and they do not like what they see, the generation gap will be a big problem for Thailand,” said Richard, a Western friend of mine.

“The social media is teaching the young Thais more than to know what is really going on here, but teaching them how to think,” said Steve, another Western friend of mine.

It is difficult to guage how big and how fast is this learning curve, but for the past few months, several issues became very big on social media like Twitter, to point of becoming top trend, with 100s of 1,000s posting and sharing on those issues, highly critical of the Thai establishment.

Outside of the expat community inn Thailand, there are some discussions and talk about this, particularly on the subject of Future Forward Party, a party with strong supports from the younger generation Thais.

Thailand’s establishment sees the party as a threat to them, as stern and perhaps even stronger than Thaksin and have been attempting to destroy the party. Some political observer have said those activity had speed up the generation gap in Thailand, where, mostly, older Thais support the establishment.

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