Wonder About All Those News 10s of 1,000s Thais Attend Prayut’s Campaigning Event?

Long been known and suspected, that State officials, particularly Provincial Governors, are helping Prayut by gathering Thais together and busing them to where Prayut makes campaign stops, but leaked document has just confirmed this is a fact, at least in one province, Tak. In fact, it is more than just a leaked document, the Tak Governor said, he did that (He said he wanted Thais to hear the speech by Prayut). Here is the source to the report from a local media, Matichon (source). The question to Thailand’s Election Commission is, is this legal? Of course, state officials, taking tax payers money, going into an election, have to be neutral in the election. So this is not legal, but of course, everyone knows the Thai EC works for the military.

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