America’s Leading Media, Washington Post has a Good Question: Why is the Thai Junta Working So Hard to Rig the Next Election?

America’s leading media, Washington Post has a good question: Why is the Thai Junta Working So Hard to Rig the Next Election (source).

The election is being rigged in many ways, such as using the courts and independent units to limit competition and gives the junta created party, Palang Pracharat Party a free reign in what it can do, even breaking laws, and other, like OKing for the state to help the junta head, Prayut, this close to election to even writing the constitution so that it is hard for “Democratic” process to win, here with for example the 250 appointed Senators who can vote to select the Prime Minister.

However, why is the military doing all those things? The Washington Post may have an answer, but most Thais see this as just a normal part of Thailand, meaning for the past about 80 years since the end of absolute monarchy, the military has always been involved in politics, and in fact, there is a coup or attempted coup every 4 years in those about 80 years with countless military drawn constitution.

In fact, most of the past about 80 years, some form of authoritarianism far right government, for example hybrid, or blatantly military, had ruled Thailand.

I think it is clear to say, what ever more other reasons there are for this junta, specific to this time, meaning 2019, the simple fact is that the Thai military wants more than a say in Thailand’s politics, but to actually be leading the country.

The rigging of the election, could simply mean, they are scared of loosing in a free and fair election.

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