Final Stretch

The Thai election is heading into the final stretch, the following are some news::

Polls see strong support for Pheu Thai and Future Forward in Issan and Future Forward in South. Overall, as party Pheu Thai and Prayuth doing well, with Future Foreward climbing fast.

After a host of Visanu cheap tricks, done many times, lying and twisting things around to protest Palang Pracharat Party from not about to prop up Prayut, Thailand’s Ombusdman has weight in to protest the party. Meanwhile EC found blatantly, breaking election regulations, on a fun raising dinner, nothing was wrong, making some odd ruling on foreigners. All have clearly lost their minds serving Prayut, as anyone with some logic and common sense would have not try to help Prayut, at this level of easy to see nonsense.

The State is helping Prayut in many ways, even this close to election such as the government announcing new policies and holding massive conformance, all part of effort to beef up Prayut image ahead of elections. Also with the state in its control, Prayut appearances up-country, have see government officials, bringing in rally supporters.

The Disbanded Thai Raksa Chart Party has transformed itself into a political force, helping other parties like Pheu Thai Party. The EC is freaking out about this, though no regulations or law broken, the EC is cooking up something.

Suthep, using his close to a political party, to go after Thak in and anyone who does not support Prayut, and have come out in recent days to attack the Democrat Party.

Wang, as a prominent part of the Red Shirts movement is calling for voters not to vote for those that are responsible for the killing of some 100 Red Shirts protesters, many by sniper shot to the head by the military in execution style.

Lastly,, the selection process for 250 Senators, who will also vote for who becomes PM, is shrouded in mystery, with Prawit saying they are under control, meaning the will vote for Prayut as PM.

Democrat Party, Korn, rebuff Prayut economic czar, Somkid, saying at a seminar, foreign investors expressed fear of political instability if the vote in the election and the vote by the 250 Senators goes different ways.

The old Bangkok establishment and military junta circle is very scared of Thanathorn and have singled him out for a fierce attack, i.e. their media is making up news that he is bringing Thaksinn back to Thailand, when in fact he said he thinks Thaksin shoul dbe given a chance to seek justice under a fair Thai justice system, in any case Thanathorn is staying above most of the dirt.


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