Final Stretch

The Thai election has entered the final stretch and the following are some key points for those doing some heavy campaigning:

Pheu Thai Part have somewhat abandoned the typical populous policies of giving away money and is touting to help clean up debt with the Thai people and help them find and build income source. The party rejects Prayut as PM.

Future Forward is a main political party still touting democracy and politics, meaning not economics, citing work such as fixing the military constitution and is also relying on the popularity of their main candidates, Thanathorn, to gain support. The party rejects Prayut as PM.

Liberal is running on the party’s head, Seripisut, strong personality and record of confronting the military head-on. The party rejects Prayut as PM.

Democrats and Phumjai Thai have now rejected Prayut as PM and is running on a mix platform of politics and economics, with some noted distinction in economics.

New Economics been running on a host of smart economics policies, more targeted towards very professional economist and economic planners, not for the typical voter, however, there is some good reception.

Palang Pracharat Party is out with maximum populou policies, such as with minimum wage and agricultural support. The party looks like some old Thaksin political party, except that of course, the party is created to prop up Prayut as PM.

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