Will Mango Party Solve This? Thailand a Harder Sell for Repeat Travelers

The TIG Asia report (source).

Thailand’s is under a military junta and as such, military people are not known to be the sensitive people type. Therefore, Thailand’s junta have angered tourist from Africa to China, by insulting them. To solve the problem with China the Thai junta threw a big mango eating party with the Chinese tourist.

European love affair with Thailand has been am up and down affair for decades, depending on a variety of factors such as Europe’s economic prospects and the exchange rate. News is that in some part of Thailand, European tourist just vanish, for example as a result of the Thai currency baht, gaining strength, leaving behind broken plans such as the building of more hotels and canceling of real estate projects. This latest news is that currently, tour operators in Europe are having a hard time selling Thailand, as much have seen in Thailand and therefore, other emerging destination around Thailand, such as Vietnam is gaining in popularity.

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