Bangkok Post has an Interesting Question: Another Color War?

The article in the Bangkok Post (source).

Bangkok Post has an interesting question about the re-start of Thailand’s color wars, likely referring to the yellow and red color. However, for the past five years there has been a military junta with a dictator as head. The junta have been waging a war with the Thai people, to continue their governing of Thailand. Even now, with the election, a political party is propping up the dictator Prayut as the future PM, targeting to also get help from the military drawn constitution that sees 250 no elected Senators being involved in voting for the PM. Therefore, for the past five years, there was no peace, that came about through reconciliation and solving the difference between the Thai people, but the peacefulness, meaning no street protest came from oppression and suppression of the people, by the junta.

To answer Bangkok Post, these has always been a color war, just that this time it is between the “Green” meaning the military and those against the military.

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