Dictatorship: Prayuth’s junta copy Hitler’s strategy in “Creeping Power Grab” to avoid public resistance

It Looks like the Thai junta has adopted Hitler’s words that basically say the way to take power away from people is bit by bit, until it is too late for the people to reject the power grab.  Thai junta strategy is to give out info on its intentions, in a mixed of acceptable plus not acceptable proposels. Then, after the mixed information is dissiminated, comes  propaganda before the,  then actual in applying the mixed info. In that apply, is a creeping, step by step, closer to not acceptable part of the original mixed info.

This done since day one in power, with other policy, and now with the interim charter, it is the same, giving out mixed signal at first, then in apply, the Interim Charter, is now  all of the total not acceptable part of the original mixed proposal, in that it is a total set-up, for a total dictator, again, wipe-out earlier acceptable points.

So now, with interim charter, it is a total not acceptable, because total dictator, but because of the Hitler strategy, the total dictatorship Interim Charter,  implemented in careful calculated step by step, it is now too late too late for public to reject now.

And now same thing over again, with final phase, after having written the Interim Charter,  in writing the real constitution for the next election. And already, the same Hitler creeping power grab strategy is in play, as the junta has leaked out news of a qualified and acceptable by many, charter write head, Bowanno.

But fact is that about 2/3 of road so far since the junta came to power and gave a “Road-Map” back to Democracy, is cover in total dictatorship.

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