Justice: Is the USA Agreement to Service Thai Fighter Jets, F-16, legal by USA Law?

A local press, Bangkok Post, reports US Ambassador Kristie Kenney met Thai air force chief ACM Prajin Juntong in Bangkok on Thursday evening and confirmed Washington would go ahead with a service update for some of Thailand’s F-16 fighter jets. . Air force spokesman AM Monthol Satchukorn said Mrs Kenney paid a courtesy call on ACM Prajin and discussed economic cooperation between Thailand and the US. The air chief marshall is the deputy chief of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) which staged the May 22 coup and ended the Yingluck Shinawatra government.

Terence Chulavachana @Terence_Writing  ·  16h

Dear Congressmen there is a critical matter on US said agreement to service Thailand’s F-16 @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

US law forbids transfer of weapons & military aid to states subjects of military coups @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

US law forbid on coup is Section 508 of the FY2002 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

Local news report US Ambassador to @KristieKenney met Thai junta & gave assurance on F-16  @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

US law also prohibits arms sales to regimes with pattern gross violations of human rights @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

This human rights issue is covered under Section 502b of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

Dear Congressmen, under what provision is President #Obama & @JohnKerry servicing Thai F-16 @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

Dear Congressmen, a coup occurred in Thailand & human rights violation massive & recognized @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

I am an American blogger (about 4 mil hits) & rank top 10% global social media influencer @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

Dear Congressmen, I would like to know why is the US appear be breaking the law @BuckMcKeon @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats

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