Thaksin Focus: Thaksin response to Prayuth’s Coup? Says “Sad & Wait”

One of Thaksin’s daughters, Instagramed posted a picture of Thaksin standing next to a sign. The sign said “Wait.” Thaksin’s daughter also said the sign, said “Wait.”

This is the second respond by Thaksin to the coup. The first was that he was deeply saddened.

The posting, caused a great debate on the social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, among the Thais. Many said what Thaksin meant, is that he is waiting for the promised election in the future. There were great deals of speculation, if Thaksin will win the election again.

Thaksin has been at this point before several times, where the elite went about “Fixing the System” so they will win the election, after they took control by various means like coup and military setting up the Abhisit government. However, Thaksin has managed to win every Thai election for about 10 to year now.

Most political analyst, said the elite establishment have learned from the past, and so the Prayuth junta, has gone to the extreme this time, in trying to wipe out all traces of Thaksin influences in Thailand.

How is Prayuth going about wiping out Thaksin?

Prayuth Game: Equation A (Guns + Jail threat = Junta Bad Cop) Equation B (Happiness Psychological War = Junta Good Cop)

Prayuth Game: Equation C (Bad Cop + Good Cop “Game” = Thais Driven into Prayuth’s Management Control)

Prayuth Game: Equation D (Prayuth Control + Excuse for Coup + Media Control + Media Mostly Boot Licking = Neutralize Thais)

Prayuth Game: Equation E (Neutralized + Quick Hit Populous Action  + Elite Endorsement + Polls (politicized) + Media = Welcome Junta

Prayuth Game: Equation F (Welcome Junta = Foundation Thais Accept Prayuth Goals); Equation G (Accept Foundation = What Prayuth Wants)

Prayuth Game: Equation H (Prayuth Wants (Mostly Elite Run Thailand) + Thais ok Prayuth Want + Thais no ok Prayuth Want = election

Prayuth Game: Equation I (Democracy Force = Shinawatra (Prayuth weakened) + Red (Prayuth weakened) + Liberal Thais (Prayuth weakened))

Prayuth Game: Equation J (Elite force = Prayuth Gov + Positioned Officials + Constitution + Pro Elite + Press + Buy Prayuth Propaganda)

End Game: Equation K (Election Result = (Democratic Force vs Elite Force) + Mesh (strategy + operation + risks + pro elite election unit)

Question? Election Result! Democracy Win = ? and/or Elite Win = ?

Answer (Practically all Thai expert, Thai or Foreign say) = “Thailand’s Problems” = Very Deep Rooted + Many Massive Issues

Deep + Massive = Wrong Buddhism Usage + Too into Big House + Blind Nationalism + Fail Educate + Rich/Poor Gap + Out of Control Military

Result? (Deep + Massive) + Democracy (majority govern) long track made not to function = “Thailand swims round & round in a small pool”

Disclosure: Thailand biggest “Corruption Problem” = Use of Power to “Cheat” (ex: justice & anti-money related corruption, serve elite)

Disclosure: Globe most respected transparency unit, Transparency Inter, found Thaksin gov, less corrupt than coup’s Sorrayuth or Abhisit

Disclosure: Transparency International (non political unit) found Yingluck gov, more transparent as governed & rank, about same Abhisit

Disclosure: “Biggest” Thai corruption problem = Power to Cheat = Military “Cheat” power from people + Elite “Cheat” people human rights

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