Business: When to listen to & when not to listen to Warren Buffet! A lesson for Thailand

Wondering, why Thailand’s economy and business is turning sour, and consumer confidence is tanking badly?

You do not have to take my word for it, but please do a deep Google search, as a few years back, the US$ billionaire, iconic global class investor, Warren Buffet, said something interesting.

Buffet, then made some remarks, that Warren came to self-realize was “Very Stupid.”

And Buffet said of the incident, that it was incredible, how he, the so called greatest stock market investor of all time, can make a “Very Stupid” comment, and people who believes in him, can still take those “Very Stupid” comments of his, “Seriously.”

Warren Buffet, hinted to the same thing, many iconic celebrity of Hollywood have said before, and again, please do a deep Google search, but many iconic celebrity have said, quote:

“People are odd, just because you are a celebrity, and you say anything, no matter how ridiculous, those words, are still taken as a the Holy Grail by some people.”

Here in Thailand, about the same time, Weluree “Fai” Ditsayabut, 22, was crowned Miss Universe Thailand last night in a popular beauty pageant broadcast live on the state-owned Channel 3 TV, was discovered, to have posted, insulting words at the Thai Red Shirts. The Red Shirts, is a massive popular political movement, mostly, involved in trying to bring “Democracy” to Thailand. The Red Shirts number in Thailand is in the multi-millions.

Fai, pretty much said and did something “Very Stupid” in that the Red Shirts, have “Dirtied” Thailand.

Most of Thailand’s celebrity and high society are of course, the supporter of Suthep’s Elite movement, a movement, called by many, in Thailand and globally, as a Fascist Movement. In fact, Cato at Liberty, a USA think-tank, calls Suthep’s Movement, as similar to Italy’s Fascist, Mussolini Movement.

The problem is not that Fai dares calls the Red Shirts “Dirty” as Fai has the right to “Freedom of Expression” but the problem is, many celebrity, that pretty much did the same thing as Fai, had to face a “Consumer Boycott.”

In fact, many celebrities, that openly, supported Suthep, and trashed the Red Shirts, like Fai, at present time, cannot perform, in many parts of Thailand, such as in Northern Thailand and the Issan Region of Thailand.

Also in fact, a heiress of the Singh Beer Empire, Chitpas, a high society like many other high so and celebrity, came out to support Suthep and also trashed the Red Shirts. The result, Singh beer, became, water, used by many to “Wash Their Feet” in sign of protest, at Chitpas.

The following, are two articles, from Khao Sod


Miss Universe Thailand Calls Redshirts “Dirty”

BANGKOK – The winner of a national beauty pageant has caused an uproar on social media after critical remarks about the pro-government Redshirts were discovered on her Facebook page.

Weluree “Fai” Ditsayabut, 22, was crowned Miss Universe Thailand last night in a popular beauty pageant broadcast live on the state-owned Channel 3 TV.

However, many pro-government supporters quickly discovered that Ms. Weluree has regularly published disparaging comments about the Redshirt movement on Facebook.

In one “public” comment from November, Ms. Weluree accused Redshirts of being “anti-monarchy” dissidents, and suggested that Thailand will be cleaner once the “dirty” Redshirts leave the country.

“I am not neutral. I am on the side of His Majesty the King,” Ms. Weluree wrote. “I’m so angry at these evil activists. They should all be executed.”

Enraged by Ms. Weluree’s remarks, a number of Redshirt supporters have condemned her victory as Miss Universe Thailand on social media. Some have questioned whether Ms. Weluree is suitable to represent Thailand in the international pageant stage when she appears to despise fellow Thais in such a virulent way.

Ms. Weluree’s winning of the Miss Universe crown also surprised many reporters who expected another popular candidate, Pimbongkod “Ellie” Chankaew, to take the title.

According to the pageant profiles, Ms. Weluree is an accomplished actress, talk show host, and student at Kasetsart University’s English Department.

Repeated efforts to contact Ms. Weluree and the pageant organisers were unsuccessful.


Beauty Queen Apologises For “Dirty Reds” Remark

BANGKOK — The winner of Miss Universe Thailand has apologised for the hateful comments she posted about pro-government Redshirts on social media.

Weluree “Fai” Ditsayabut, 22, said on a Channel 3 talk show this morning that she is distressed by the wave of criticism her posts have generated.

“It is still fortunate that I have people around to cheer me up,” she told talk show host Sorayut Suthasanajinda.

Hours after Ms. Weluree was crowned winner of the popular Miss Universe Thailand beauty pageant on Saturday night, it was quickly discovered that she had a history of publishing disparaging comments about Redshirts on Facebook and Twitter.

In one particularly harsh comment from November, Ms. Werulee described the Redshirts as “anti-monarchy,” “dirty” “evils” who should be “executed.”

In an interview this morning, Ms. Werulee confirmed that despite the uproar her comments have caused, she will not concede the pageant crown. She explained that she intended the remarks for “a circle of close friends,” and not members of the public.

“I was careless. I was young. I did it recklessly,” Ms. Werulee said, adding that she has learned a lesson from the incident and that she intends to use all the criticism she has received to improve herself.

“It won’t happen again. Let me apologise to all the fans of the pageant, and to all Thais,” said Miss Universe Thailand 2014.

Speaking after Ms. Werulee, beauty pageant runner-up Pimbongkod “Ellie” Chankaew denied rumours that she cried on stage out of bitterness when judges announced Ms. Werulee as the winner.

When judges annouced Ms. Wurlee as the winner, many of Ms. Pimbongkod’s disappointed fans cheered her name instead.
“At that moment, I was so glad and overwhelmed by the people who loudly cheered for me,” Ms. Pimbongkod said. Ms. Pimbongkod, who was raised in the United States, said she never expected to come this far in the tournament.

“I didn’t expect that someone from a foreign country and virtually unknown [to the Thais] would receive so much support,” Ms. Pimbongkod said. “I thought Thai people dislike those who don’t speak Thai well. That’s why I cried. I wasn’t upset. I accept the judges’ verdict.”

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