Yingluck Focus: Yingluck’s incredibly brave move to go & look at her executioner in the face (Up-Dated)

Yingluck made an incredible brave move, going to the anti corruption unit, to defend herself, against corruption charges, most say is politically motivated, that most global press, for months, have been saying, the charges are not legitimate.

(Up-Dated) Apart from going to the anti-corruption unit, Yinglucvk have also gone to the Constitutional Court to defend herself. All attempt failed, of course, and both, the Constitution Court and the anti corruption unit, ousted Yingluck, in what NYT and WSJ says are “Judicial Coups” (End).

From IHS Janes Intelligence, Siam Intelligence Unit, The Economist Magazine, New York Times, even on and off reports from the right wing, Reuters, all point to the anti corruption unit charges on Yingluck, being politically motivated and the ruling will be for a political objective, as ordered by the Bangkok establishment.

However, apart from the few press mentioned, most global and local press have for months, been reporting the development on the case against Yingluck, with a narrative that supported the anti corruption unit charges as legitimate charges.

Yesterday, there were speculation that Yingluck will not personally go to the anti corruption unit to defend herself personally, as that would “Generate a Situation” and instead let her lawyer handle the charge, for the purpose of “Muting the Situation” and drawing attention away.

However, even facing a global and local press narrative on the corruption charges that have been going against her, and the knowledge that her going to defend herself at the corruption unit, will “Generate a Situation” Yingluck, again, went to the anti corruption unit to defend herself.

Global press went mostly as expected, followed through with the previous narrative, used the Yingluck going to the anti corruption unit occurrence, to hammer in, that the case on her is legitimate, with even the right wing Reuters, that have on and off, been reporting the case as not legitimate, quoting the anti corruption unit, at length, that its charge on Yingluck is legitimate.

Some media observer said however, the situation in Thailand has little to do with both, global or local narrative, and they are exerting little influence on events in Thailand. They say right now in Thailand, the situation is simply, that the “Gun” is in the Bangkok establishment hand and is ready to shoot. They say, the question now, is what will the Bangkok establishment do next? They say, if the Bangkok establishment shoot, the shooting “War” will start in Thailand.

“Basically, what Yingluck did, in going to the anti corruption unit yesterday, is to look in the face of her executioner,” said a media observer, adding, “It is an incredibly brave move.”

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