Justice: Yingluck putting up a good fight against anti corruption unit charges, but will it work?

There is political danger ahead, as Bangkok Post says the anti corruption units is to wrap up investigations, on its charge of corruption against Yinglucks, in about 10 days after this coming Monday. Meanwhile, Fascist Suthep’s supporters, went to the anti corruption HQ, where the Red Shirts were protesting the anti corruption unit. A confrontation occurred, and with larger number, Fascist Suthep used force to dis-lodge the Red Shirts, from around the anti corruption HQ, with some injuries reported. The Red Shirts vows to return in larger numbers. That could be the prelude to what many say, will be a civil war in Thailand.

Reuters report Yingluck has until Monday to defend herself before the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) for dereliction of duty over a rice-buying scheme that has run up huge losses. If the commission recommends her impeachment, she could be removed from office by the upper house Senate which may have an anti-Thaksin majority after an election for half its members on Sunday. The vote is to elect 77 senators for the 150-seat Senate. The rest are appointed, and a government attempt to make it a fully elected body was one of the sparks that set off the latest unrest in November. The non-elected Senators are picked by judges and senior officials from agencies such as the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), members of an establishment whom government supporters see as viscerally anti-Thaksin. “Red shirt” supporters of Yinguck and Thaksin are sounding more militant under hardline new leaders and say they are prepared to take to the streets of Bangkok as moves to impeach Yingluck gather pace, increasing the risk of a confrontation.

Is there no hope left for Thailand?

I went to college in California, but I was having hard time graduating, as I kept flunking Calculus and English composition. So like many Asians, I looked for special private tutoring, which is very expensive in America. After a few failure with tutors, I ran across a guy from nearby Stanford University, and he showed me how he got into the so difficult to get in, Stanford University.

And basically, he taught me how to “Visualize” like with Calculus, he used a computer to show me what all those advance Calculus meant in graphic form, and in English composition, he taught me to see written composition, like a “Movie Script.” Funny thing is, I started to “Ace” Calculus and English composition. So look at me, from having to “Withdraw” and accept so many “D” and “F” in Calculus and English composition, within months, I was, again, getting “A.”

What I am trying to say is, “I am one of those people, “True Believer” that humans, are fundamentally, a learning and evolving creature.”

In Thailand right now, a great deal is being said about the struggle between shades of democracy and shades of dictatorship, with what is currently, on the line, is the future of a women, Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck, hanging on the line, from corruption charges, that many agree, that hanging on the line by Yingluck, is just part of the big plan, that the Bangkok establishment has for Thailand, whatever that is, apart for just the obvious in trying to grab power by doing anything, minus elections, because it has always fail at winning elections.

Everyone seems to agree that Yingluck will be found guilty, even with Yingluck have not made her defense yet, as nearly everyone, on all sides even the Bangkok establishment, believes the anti corruption unit, is out to get Yingluck, and obviously, not to find the truth or deliver justice.

Even the right wing Reuters says most expect Yingluck to be found guilty, and went to quote Siam Intelligence Unit, a neutral Thai Think Tank, saying the courts and independent units are “deliberate” in going after the Shinawatra Family. Then even such iconic global level, the bottom-line of global risk assessment, IHS Janes Intelligence, says the anti-corruption unit, staged a “Judicial Coup” again Yingluck, by just charging her, and that “Judicial Coup, had heightened Thailand’s political crisis. Need more? Well, one of the best journalism and respected news organization globally, the UK’s The Economist Magazine, said the elite has ways of getting rid of Yingluck, like corruption charges.

Then does anyone needs reminding again, how many corruption cases have been lodge at the anti corruption unit, like on all things related to the Democrat Party, that for years now, have moved little?

The following report from Bangkok Post is the latest of what Yingluck said about the corruption charges on her. For anyone with a fair mind and a sense of what is justice and what is right and wrong, the Bangkok Post article show clearly, that indeed what many believe, that the anti corruption unit is out to get Yingluck, is factual.

Thailand’s only blog dedicated to “Political Prisoners” the Political Prisoners of Thailand Blog, in responding to Yingluck’s statement, that she expects to be treated fairly from the anti corruption units, by saying, quote:

“Ha, Ha, Ha, Fat Chance.”

Yet, in Thailand right now, millions upon millions of Thais do not believe Thailand’s justice system, including the independent units, like the anti corruption unit and the election unit, are “Fair and Just.”

That creates a problem, in that when people do not respect the justice system, independent units and regulators, normally, finally, there is no “Rule of Law” because no one respects the system, and for a society, when that happens, normally, it is a drift into Chaos and Anarchy. And perhaps, this is what HIS Janes Intelligence is talking about, which is similar to many who believe Thailand is on the verge of a “Civil War.”

Obviously, right now, the anti corruption unit is getting, “D” and “F” but the big question is, are the anti corruption units commissioners “A learning and growing animal” or are they just some type of a machine, like a computer, being told what to do, from the user? The user, of course, is the Bangkok establishment.

Will humanity, which depends so much on a human race that is capable of learning and progressing come out ahead?

Bangkok Post reports:

Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has come out swinging against the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), accusing the graft busters of unfair treatment in their probe of her involvement in the rice-pledging scheme.

The NACC is expected to wrap up its investigation into the rice programme within 10 days after the March 31 deadline given to Ms Yingluck to testify over a dereliction of duty charge, a source said.

The prime minister wrote about the case on her Facebook page on Friday. She said the NACC is required to comply with its legal duty to act objectively when considering such a case. However, she said she believed the NACC, which has brought the charge against her, can no longer act impartially.

Ms Yingluck questioned if the NACC uses the same legal standards and works at the same speed in handling cases against all political-office holders, or if it discriminates against certain groups. The premier complained that she was initially given only 49 pages of case documents to examine. She was given an additional 280 pages on Thursday, she said. This means she will only have three days to. examine the additional 280 pages before she can defend herself on Monday. She said the constitution stipulates that proceedings in investigations of this kind must be based on the rule of law and there must be no unnecessary delays. This must apply to every group, including those holding political positions.

Unlike with her case, she noted, no progress has been made in any of the cases made against the previous government, such as that involving the crackdown on the red-shirt protest in 2010 which resulted in deaths and injuries, as well as corruption cases that were filed against the Abhisit Vejjajiva administration. Ms Yingluck said she did not receive justice when she asked to examine evidence and witnesses.

She also said the NACC spent only 21 days preparing the case and bringing its charge against her. The prime minister said she needs to exercise her rights as guaranteed by the constitution to examine any evidence and witnesses the NACC uses against her, which would then serve to add credibility to the NACC’s investigation.

“I have no alternative but to conclude that as far as the examination of evidence and witnesses in this case is concerned, I have not been treated fairly or received any justice,” she said.
The NACC on Thursday rejected a request by Ms Yingluck’s lawyer for another 45 days for her to explain herself.

Ms Yingluck went on to say yesterday that there are many witnesses and documents that need to be collected from numerous different agencies, and these documents and witnesses are vital for her defence. However, she said those agencies could not produce and release the documents in time. Therefore, she had to request the postponement of her defence for another 45 days in addition to the 15 days that have been allowed.

“But my request for the postponement was rejected by the NACC and not even a one-day extension was given,” she wrote on Facebook.

“On the other hand, the NACC said it had over a year to examine the documents to press ahead with the charges against me.”

Bancha Parameesanaporn, Ms Yingluck’s lawyer, yesterday admitted that the legal team representing the premier is at a disadvantage as the lawyers have not yet obtained 19 important documents they have requested from the NACC. He said that since the NACC has rejected the request for the extension of the Monday deadline for Ms Yingluck to testify, the lawyers will have to present the written defence to the anti-graft agency on Monday.

The main thrust of the written defence is to explain that Ms Yingluck was not involved in any wrongdoing in the scheme, Mr Bancha said.


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