Humanity: “Hate Speech” in Thai politics? Origin & Development in the Thai army chief, Prayuth case (Up-Dated)

What is “Hate Speech?” In trying to explain the origin and development, one explanation, is that hate sppech is like a science laboratory, where “Fire” is apply to “Ignorance” meaning, ignorance is heated up, and the result, is “Hate Speech.”

If you know Thailand, there is a state above the state or what many say, a nation above the nation. One place where Thai specialist has long pointed out, of that “Dual Existing” Thai state, is the so called Network xxxxxx. The network, often meets in closed doors by the select few, but at times, the network can also be seen, plainly and openly, in high society gathering.

About 5 years ago, when the current Thai military chief, Prayuth, was just another aspiring senior soldier, among so many other like himself, looking to add the ultimate title of army chief to his track record of accomplishment, before his retirement, like many other, Prayuth lobbied the so called Network xxxxx and made his rounds at most of the high society parties of the times.

What got Prayuth noticed, apart from his mood swings and bad temperament, was that according to Thailand’s best selling military related monthly magazine, Top Gun, Prayuth would virtually repeated the same words at every high so gathering, to the always excited and pleased crowd to hear the words.

According to Top Gun Magazine, Prayuth made it a deliberate habit, of telling the High So, at High So social functions, that quote: “The sight of anyone wearing “Red” makes me sick.”

Days ago, the Red Shirts changed its leader, from the highly dove teacher like, Thida, to a new leader with a track record of challenging the Bangkok establishment, Chartuporn. In response to that change, Prayuth came out blasting at the new leader, with several insults, such as saying, quote: “Chatuporn is not a man worth enough for a man like me to respond to.” But in sum, in a very nasty hate speech way, said he will not work with the new leader.

Within days of that new Red Shirts appointment, the Fascist Suthep movement, began training about 2,000 Thais to be guards, where, the Fascist Suthep guards, have a long track of violent activities. Yesterday, for example, the Fascist Suthep movement, took about 100 to 200 guards, and went to the Red Shirts head-quarter, in Bangkok, challenging the Red Shirts inside to come out for a fight. And as Prayuth went blasting, filled with hate, at the Red Shirts, Prayuth said nothing of this fascist Suthep’s build-up of guards.In previous Thai Intel blog, Prayuth closeness to the Fascist Suthep’s movement was noted (see here).

Well, Robert Amsterdam, a global level lawyer, is representing the Red Shirts, at the International Criminal Court (ICC) of a “Crime Against Humanity” case, against all those involved, in the crack-down of the Red Shirts in 2010, that saw about 100 Red Shirts killed, many in “Cold Blooded” execution style, sniper shot to the head.

Robert Amsterdam, said he told the ICC, that while the number of 100 slaughtered, is considered too small for a crime against humanity case, that generally involved 1,000s killed, but in Thailand’s case, the type of killing that the Red Shirts had to face, again with about 100 killed, have been going on in Thailand, on and off, since 1936, when absolute monarchy was replaced with a constitutional monarchy.

Robert Amsterdam argued to the ICC, that in Thailand’s case, to stop the “Repeated Cycle” of killing, going on for a very long time with 1,000s killed over the years, because there has never been “Accountability for the Killing” the ICC should consider the Thai situation, “A Crime Against Humanity.”

Is Robert Amsterdam right, that Thailand is infected with a “Hateful Killing Spree Cycle” illness?

Consider the following:

Kaewsan, a former Senator, former lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Vice-Chancellor at Thammasat University, Constitutional Drafter, and member of the committee to investigate Thaksin established after the coup and a well-known media commentator, made a speech on the PDRS stage last night.

Blogger Kaewmala has translated his speech below:

“… Firstly, whenever the Redshirts, whether as a force within their party, an armed group, or a mass [rally], dare come and put a knife at the neck of the NACC, the Court or Bangkokians, and say ‘Don’t move while we continue to rape you!’, whenever it comes to that point, there’s no need for any election. Declare martial law and quash/suppress them. Quash/suppress them! Enough, enough. Enough of this repeated [aggression?]. [They] reject the power of the Court, reject the law, insult and abuse, make corruption, issue laws for themselves. Again and again. In other countries, they would have all been shot f**king dead. That leaves just us, standing right here. Whenever it comes to that point, they say they’ll come on April 5, I say there’s no other way out. If the cancer is this aggressive, it calls for surgery. Declare martial law. Take care of them. Point 1, what I have just said is not Khun Suthep’s or PDRC’s opinion, but a legal opinion as to what course of action is needed for the cause. Point 2, after the force has been used to maintain order…”

Kaewmala comments in the Facebook post, “He shows us how ‘righteous people’ can be _very scary_ indeed”. And Bangkok Pundit says Kaewsan likes to make rape analogies and previously compared Thaksin to a rapist.

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