National Security: How involved is Thai Army chief, Prayuth, in arming Fascist Suthep’s movement ?

Thailand’s most popular and respected weekly magazine, Matichon Weekly, cover for this week, is a picture of Thai army chief Prayuth, imposed on a back-ground of split in the middle Red Color and Yellow Color, where of course, in Thailand, Red means democracy, liberty and justice and Yellow means traditional elite.

On the cover of the page, is Prayuth head, tilted towards the Yellow Color. The meaning is simple and clear, according to Matichon Weekly, Prayuth supports the Yellow, currently, in Thailand, represented by Fascist Suthep’s movement.

Prayuth often says, that he is “Neutral” in Thai politics, but here in Thailand, Prayuth is also known as a very “Emotional and Moody” person, meaning, his position, is about as solid as a river of rapids.

The “Tilting Point” that saw Prayuth, abandoning his often stated and long-time backed position of “Neutrality” is perhaps, the widely reported news here in Thailand, that Prayuth name, is one candidate for Thailand’s prime minister, to be appointed by the traditional elite, when the Shinawatra Family and related, is topple from power in Thailand.

Since that “Tilting Point” by Prayuth, a great many things have occurred, some of course, occurring before the Prayuth tilting, but the trend of these many things has “Solidify.”

With the appointment of a new Red Shirts leader, Prayuth went ballistic, coming out to insult, the new leader, with Prayuth saying he is a man of honor and that he will not talk to “Man with No Honor” being the new Red Shirts leader. That Prayuth going ballistic, is nothing new, earlier, Prayuth said he will not allow anyone to trample with Thailand independent units or justice system. Both, the independent units and the justice system, of course, support the traditional elite, and is involved with a plot to topple the Shinawatra and related from Thailand.

But how deep is Prayuth involved in supporting the Fascist Suthep movement?

Consider the following well known and reported facts:

(Fact 1) Prayuth, in a recent mid-term promotion, that normally does not involved major re-shuffle, but this recent re-shuffle, Prayuth promoted 2 very hard-core anti Red Shirts, who were involved in the bloddy crack-down of the Red Shirts, that killed many Red Shirts, in “Cold Blooded” execution style, sniper bullet to the head, to very powerful, “Force Commanding” position. The appointment is seen as Prayuth readying the army for future conflict with the Red Shirts, using the same “Cold Blooded” tactics.

(Fact 2) Jatuporn house was attacked, with 10s upon 10s bullets from M16s fired at his house. Another senior Red Shirts leader house was also attacked with a grenade, launched from a grenade launcher. In Northern Thailand, strong-hold of the Red Shirts, in recent days, bombing activity took place.

(Fact 3) Despite the government calling off of the emergency decree, Thai army chief, Prayuth, have kept in place about 177 military bunkers in Bangkok, and have ordered today, the increase to 200 bunkers. Additional, following the long track of police intercepting arms to the Fascist Suthep’s movement, the police continue intercepting soldiers, who are carrying large catches of weapons to the Fascist Suthep main camp at Lumpini Park.

(Fact 4) The so called popcorn shooter, a sniper, seen a Lak Sri violence, was arrested at Fascist Suthep’s home-town and confessed that he was hired by Fascist Suthep’s movement and was provided arms by the movement. The sniper gun is a standard issued M16 to Thai soldiers. The involvement of snipers, as part of Fascist Suthep’s movement, can be traced back to the Ramkumhaeng University violence. On social-network, many observed the combat activity practice of the popcorn shooter, as being highly similar to the combat activity practice of the Thai army, in the crack-down on the Red Shirts, with the sniper soldiers, a few years back. Many have concluded, that it is the Thai army, that had trained Fascist Suthep’s movement guards.

(Fact 5) A male person, who is out to assassinate Red Shirts, was caught and identify as Thai army soldier, to which the army spokesman deny the identity, saying the army ID on the male person is fake. However, subsequent investigation, found him to be an active Thai army soldier.

(Fact 6) Thailand’s Navy Seal Command, commander thus far, have retained his position as commander, after a large group of Navy Seal soldiers were found involved in active supporting Fascist Suthep’s movement, such as guard duty and a said plot by Navy Seals, to assassinate Yingluck. The commander, also said in public, he supported Fascist Suthep’s movement.

(Fact 7) As Fascist Suthep’s movement, is turning violent, with facts after facts of supporting evidence, the latest is that the movement is in the process of training 2,000 guards in para-military style. A critics has asked Thai army chief Prayuth, who has been criticizing the Red Shirts, to the extent of insulting the Red Shirts new leader, why has Prayuth stood idle at the news of the 2,000 guard training.

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