Liberty: Red Shirts change leader for battle against “In-Justice”

Thailand’s political risk is sky-rocketing! A few days ago, several local press reports Thailand’s army chief, Prayuth, saying he will not allow anyone to trample Thailand’s courts or independent units, and will protect justice in Thailand. Yesterday, Prem, Thailand’s privy council, told Prayuth that the Thai military is where the Thai people place their last hope. Rajprasong News, an internet news agency, reports just last week, Prayuth is ready to crack-down on the Red Shirts, willing to accept 1,000s killed. Today, the Bangkok Post reports the Red Shirts have changed its leader, to get ready to battle against “In-Justice.”

The Bangkok Post, again, reports the Red Shirts have changed its leader, to get ready to battle “In-Justice.”

When you read reports such as the following from Bangkok Post, it is very difficult, to judge who is right and who is wrong, if you are involved in the Thai crisis. But perhaps, the best thing to do, in such situation, is to listen to those who are “neutral” and have no stake in the Thai crisis.

Well, the iconic global class, risk intelligence expert, HIS Janes Intelligence, said the anti corruption units’ “Judicial Coup” in levying the corruption case on Yingluck, have escalated the Thai crisis. Then the Economist Magazine, says the elite has ways of getting rid of Yingluck, like the corruption charges. Then even the traditionally, right wing ally, Reuters, says the Thai justice system is hostile towards the Shinawatra, adding that is widely seen that the Thai justice system is against the Shinawatra Family. Other examples to the same effect are out there and please research all of the above as they are factual.

However, some continue to say, that in the corruption case, that Yingluck, did indeed not stop the loss from the rice scheme, and thus, she is guilty of negligence, for not stopping the loss. Some who argue this, include globally renowned law and legal expert. Yet given that indeed, Yingluck did not stop the loss, and her claim that she is the policy maker and not the implementation of the policy, sounds “Iffy” to all side concerns, please note that in Thailand, the call for higher up government official to take responsibility for damage, done at implementation stage, has been going on for a long time in Thailand, but the call was never implemented, but would be the first with Yingluck.

To many who argue that there is a judicial coup here, argue, of a double standard, in which the Shinawatra Family have always been the target for the courts and independent units to go after. In fact, even Transparency International points out, the Thaksin government, is less corrupt than the 2006 coup government or the military organized Abhisit’s government. Yet, as the courts and independent units hounded Thaksin, never has there been a corruption charge bought against both the 2006 coup government or the Abhisit government. Concerning the Yingluck’s government Transparency International sees it as about the same as the 2006 coup government or the Abhisit government.

The following is from the Bangkok Post:

Bangkok Post Reports: (Source)

AYUTTHAYA: United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) chairwoman Tida Tawornseth has ceded her post to core leader Jatuporn Promphan in what is seen as the prelude to a showdown with anti-government groups. Mrs Tida announced she was stepping down from her post at the red-shirt group’s mass rally at Ayutthaya provincial stadium yesterday. Mr Jatuporn, who led the red-shirt protest against the Democrat-led government in 2010, was appointed as her replacement to lead the UDD through a political situation he described as “critical”. “The way to fight via the parliamentary system has been closed. Now we will fight to the end and we will not lose,” Mrs Tida said. After staging a rally in Ayutthaya to mobilise support from people in the Central Plains yesterday, the UDD vowed to gather again in Pattaya next weekend. Red shirts from the central provinces rallied in Ayutthaya to express opposition to the Constitution Court and other independent organisations whom they view as not acting impartially. Nisit Sintuphrai led a group of key red-shirt figures on a boat trip around the island where the old capital is located in promotion of the event. The rallies are for UDD members to show support for embattled caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who they see as under attack by the Constitution Court and other organisations. Mr Nisit has accused them of lacking neutrality. The UDD and Pheu Thai Party are at odds with independent institutions, including the National Anti-Corruption Commission, which has taken action against Ms Yingluck for dereliction of duty in the rice-pledging scheme.

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