Justice: Thailand’s government to present globe with “Judicial Coup” issue

Thailand’s care-taker government, says it will take the Bangkok establishment’s use of the courts and independent units, for  “Judicial Coup” against both, democracy, and the Yingluck government, and present the case, to the global community, foreign embassies in Thailand and the United Nations, to consider, as said Thailand’s foreign minister, quote: “So Thailand will not serve as a bad example to the globe.” The foreign minister, said the experience of what occurred to several past Thai prime minister, that are close to Thaksin, such as Samak and Somchai, were recognized much globally as “Being Ousted by Judicial Coups.”

Thailand is also sending representatives to the International Parliamentary Union to lodge a case at the body, on the usage of “Judicial Coup” in Thailand. Many globally currently, such as The Economist Magazine (said the elite had ways of getting rid of Yingluck, like corruption charges), the iconic global risk consultancy, IHS (said the anti corruption unit’s Judicial Coup against Yingluck adds to social strife), even the traditionally establishment leaning press such as Reuters (said the Thai courts are hostile towards Thaksin and Yingluck), all of these leading global units and other, recognize the “Judicial Coup” issue. But much of the global press has ignored the “Judicial Coup” issue.

However, most analysts say, in once “Judicial Coup” case, Thailand and especially Yingluck, is faced with a very powerful, global narrative against the Yingluck’s government rice scheme, as having caused Thailand great damage, and alleged rocked with corruption. And while the damage from the rice scheme, is only on the books, meaning large stock of rice that are unsold, that are in the process of being sold, where with the selling, the damage would lessen, and also that there are few facts of corruption, that is linked to the government, but that the corruption, is mostly at the low level implementation stage, much of the global press, taking the cue from local press such as Bangkok Post, (known to the Thais as a pro-establishment and anti Thaksin and Yingluck press) have went highly irrational, sensationalism and extremist in their reports on the Thai rice, to the extent of ignoring that the World Bank said the scheme benefited farmers and stimulated the economy, and that globally, farm subsidy is common. The global narrative, is that the rice scheme is a bad Yingluck policy, caused great damage and highly corrupt, adding on a non-substantiated assertion that much of farmers are starving, because Yingluck can not pay them.

In summary, such as the use of corruption cases on Thaksin, where the popular narrative was that Thaksin is a highly corrupt person (Transparency International rated Thaksin government as less corrupt than Abhisit or the 2006 coup government), based on popular press built narrative on alleged corruption cases, and thus the issue of “Judicial Coup” meaning the use of corruption issue to go after Thaksin was brushed aside, and Thaksin condemned globally as corrupt, the same thing that happened to Thaksin, is building up to happen with Yingluck.

Many media observer says, apart from editorial direction, the dramatic news narrative, that Yingluck came to power from the rice scheme and farmers and will be toppled with the rice scheme and farmers, and the great Thai political struggle, is also about how corrupt the Shinawatra Family are, as the Thai establishment and their protesters say they are protesting against, is just too exciting and marketable, for journalist to ignore, and accept other more convincing narrative, on the relatively boring and un-marketable, Judicial Coup issue, which is what is actually the truth of what is going on.

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