Justice: Truck helped Fascist Suthep move to new protest site, display “Urgent Business for Court” place-card (Up-Dated)

For the past few days, since Fascist Suthep began moving out of intersections around Bangkok to make his stand at Lumpini Park, appeared on the social net-work, was the picture of a moving truck, and on the front wind-shield, was a large place-card with Thai wording that says, “Urgent Business for Court.” The Thai court system and independent units, are known to just about everyone in Thailand, and much around the globe, of serving the Bangkok establishment. The evidence of that “Reality” is supported by countless facts of a “Double Standard.”

(Up-Dated) The monk leader of the Fascist Suthep’s movement, Issara, made a Facebook posting, saying the the Thai court, citing that the court will have to make many controversial ruling, have asked the Issara monk, not the move or dispersed their protest, as a way to help protect the court from the Red Shirts. After a few days, the Issara monk movement, pulled the post, and the court, told the local press, they just sent the court secretary, to tell the Issara monk, that there will be a great many people, at the court, as the court, made those rulings.

For example, during the Abhisit handling of the Red Shirts protest with an emergency decree, the Red Shirts petitioned the court to lift the emergency decree, and the court said the invocation of the emergency decree action was in the domain of the executive branch. But during the Yingluck administration, handling of the Bangkok establishment supported, Fascist Suthep, as the Harvard Law, Veeraphat pointed out, the court and the constitutional court “Team Up” against the executive branch domain, and rendered the emergency decree powerless. Fascist Suthep, and many in his movement, are wanted by the Thai police, for numerous serious crimes.

Another example is with the anti corruption unit, an independent agency, where both The Economist Magazine and the globe’s iconic political risk consultancy, IHS, says the anti-corruption unit, is involved in a “Judicial Coup” against the Yingluck government. For example, as the anti corruption unit, is using the Judicial Coup to go after Yingluck, on the rice scheme corruption case, taking a few months to call in Yingluck to hear the charge, local press, Khao Sod and Matichon, reported, that there are 13 corruption cases involving Abhisit’s Democrat Party pending for years and years at the anti corruption unit.

Today, Matichon (Source), a local news group, reports, the Thai court, made a statement to the press, saying the court had hired that moving truck, giving it, the Urgent Business for Court place-card, to help the court earlier. The court said today, the same moving truck, sees at the Fascist Suthep gathering, on their moving day to help Fascist Suthep, was not working for the court, and the moving truck forgot to take down the sign.

The really sad reality, is that while just about everyone knows that the courts and independent units are crooked and un-just, it is just sad, that these courts and independent units, first, thinks the Thai people are stupid to the reality, and second, if they know that the Thais know, that are crooked and un-just, they just do not care what the Thai people think at all. It is these types of arrogance use of power, for un-just means, that many argue, is tearing Thailand apart.

Worse, just about everyone knows that Fascist Suthep movement, have amass a large stock of weapons, that the police have been intercepting. In the Fascist Suthep move to Lumpini Park, those weapons, had to be move, with safety from police interception.

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