Democracy: Thaksin latest words; “Negotiation OK, Forget Democracy Not OK”

Former Thai prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra latest words, reports Bangkok Post last week, wants the political conflict to be resolved at the negotiating table. Bangkok Post quoted the words of Thaksin’s legal adviser Noppadon Pattama a few days ago. Bangkok Post reports Mr Noppadon, who confirmed Thaksin visited neighbouring Myanmar last week, said Thaksin expressed his concerns over the political situation. Thaksin was also worried about the economy, investment and tourism, which Mr Noppadon quoted him as saying were being badly hurt by the ongoing political protests. Bangkok Post quoted Noppadon saying Thaksin wanted the situation to return to normal while at the same ensuring the principles of democracy were maintained, Mr Noppadon said. The ex-premier believed democracy was “the way of the future” and the election must carry on until it is finished, said Mr Noppadon.

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