Democracy: Rise up of Thailand’s Democratic movement

Long suppressed from occurring by the elite, a Democratic Movement is occurring in Thailand:

From the Establishment Post:

“Respect my vote”.

These three simple words can often mean a great deal to citizens of countries where the right to vote for their own government has come after hard fought and often bloody confrontations with authoritarian regimes.

This phrase is now becoming the defining phrase of the true silent majority across Thailand as hordes of anti-democracy protesters take over the capital’s roadways in their attempt to install an unelected “people’s council”……………

As the January 13 deadline for the “Bangkok Blitzkrieg” ticked away with the increasing spectre of Thailand’s 19th military coup or violent clashes between pro- and anti-government groups looming, tens of thousands of protesters dressed in white shirts have quietly gathered across the country to show their disapproval of plans by former deputy prime minister Suthep Thaugsuban………………

In groups from as small as a few dozen to several thousand, the so-called “white-shirts” have gathered at universities, public spaces and at shopping malls across the country in support of the continuation of the Thailand democratic process and an end to the aggressive attempts by the so-called People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) to force the caretaker government to cede power to it.

One of the last such white-shirt gatherings took place on Sunday evening at Thammasat University, scene of a bloody massacre on October 6, 1976 when paramilitary forces ordered by then national deputy director of police Lieutenant-General Chumphon Lohachala attacked protesters leaving more than 100 people dead by one estimate.

After lighting candles and joining together to sing the classic 1969 John Lennon anti-war song Give Peace a Chance the gathering of some 300 students, faculty and friends then wrote messages of peace and posted them on a “peace wall”……………..

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