The Future: 1) Yingluck’s bold goals to bring Democracy & Reconciliation to Thailand worth supporting

By Terence Chulavachana

Many local and global press talks about how Yingluck, with little experience in politics, was able to swept the last general election, by a land-slide, saying she bought votes with populous policy. Other, with cutting-edge analytical skill, said however, Yingluck is a sharp and cunning political operative, with her three main campaign message, being to bring Democracy, Reconciliation and Populous Policy to Thailand, struck by massive acceptance, with the main life blood of wishes, by the Thai people.

The problem for Yingluck, since coming to power about two years ago, is how to deliver those goals, that the majority of the Thai people want, against a torrent of nasty history, from an an anti democracy elite establishment and a Thai people, many clinging on to the past and not letting go. Then there is the populous policy, increasingly, unsustainable. Some argue, those three policy promised by Yingluck, are the building block for a better Thai future, offering synergy among the policies.

The saying that most successful people will tell you, when goals are challenged and the road to success looks dim, is that success, is not letting failure stop one’s mission, but success, is marching on, despite all the bad odds. Are Yingluck’s campaign promises, again, to bring Democracy, Reconciliation and Populous Policy, way too much to hope for in Thailand? It has been about 10 years now, since the Thai political crisis had started, and like it or not, those 10 years has been Thailand’s lost years, damaging Thailand, to put it in numbers, many trillions upon trillions of US$, as Thailand at best, for that past 10 years, just stood frozen in place, with little development. And again, that ugly cycle of killing people by the elite establishment.

What strikes me, as I look at the current political mess in Thailand, believe it or not, it looks increasingly similar, to the beginning of that 10 years crisis, all over again. Whatever you want to call it, protest against amnesty or whatever, basically, for everyone, Red or Yellow, and all political shades, it has again boiled down and erupted, all about the Thaksin problem.

To the establishment, as always, hate Thaksin keeps them alive with hope of not loosing Thailand to Democracy, Liberty and Justice. And to those who cherish Democracy, Liberty and Justice, as always, Thaksin is too controversial and damaging to be offered those values, as those values, are for the people first.  To all sides, Thaksin is basically a sacrificial lamb, and in a Christian context, Thaksin, is basically offered to to Gods, in hope, of keeping everyone happy dreaming about their goals, and to be in God‘s good light.

The problem is when will Thailand get over, its obsession with Thaksin, and move towards Democracy, Reconciliation and with some adjustments, a sustainable populous policy? Two years ago, that was the wishes of the majority of the Thai people. Will Yingluck fail the Thai people? Is she capable of maneuvering, pass the dark gathering clouds and deliver the Thai people, to better days, and not just a repeat of yesterdays?

7 thoughts on “The Future: 1) Yingluck’s bold goals to bring Democracy & Reconciliation to Thailand worth supporting

  1. The simple answer to your question is NO.
    The simple answer to your question is NO.
    Almost all politicians in Thailand fail to see that the events of the Thaksin era to date is only a squabble within the elite and with the current amnesty bill going through the House confirms this. The people do not count in this squabble and are only used as political pawns to suit both sides.
    The problem that YL now faces is that her power base will be shattered over the deaths of not only 2010 but all previous coups and massacres.
    Thaksin inadvertantly opened the eyes of the people and gave them courage to stand upto injustice, coups and the sham pretence of who really rules Thailand. The constant threat of yet another inevitable military coup looms large over the present situation. The next coup will be the bloodiest in Thai history and the outcome is uncertain.
    It is now time for the UDD to cut the ties with the totally undemocratic PT and seriously concider forming their own party which truely represents the peoples interests.

  2. There was talk today at Samsen that the best course of action Abhisit could take is:
    Refuse the amnesty and face the prosecution trial. This would put tremendous pressure on the Thaksin criminal.
    However people do not think Abhisit will do that.
    Virtually all international newspapers agree the Yingluck Government is a puppet Government.
    Reports so far Canada, USA, Australia

  3. I am impress with u persistence and care to comment on my reports. However, our views differ

  4. Lese Majeste,
    I can see where your thoughts will lead. Your assumption that Thaksin is a criminal do not stand up anywhere in the democratic world. He was tried in a military backed kangaroo court and the instructions to that court, probably given by the military, were to find him guilty and sentenced to prison. If the so called Democrats were so worried about Thaksin’s alleged crimes then why didn’t they issue an international arrest warrent?
    Thaksin’s case needs to be reviewed in a proper court of law which is NOT tainted by the military junta.
    Anyone who uses the name of Lese Majeste to write here needs to see a psychiatrist for treatment for insanity to reverse the total brainwashing since birth.
    As for Abhisit, he will get away with giving orders to murder demonstrators as he probably will not stand trial for a very long time. Argentina is an example of what they do to ex military murderers. As for YL. she is not a politician but a plutocrat representing the interests of her class extremely well.

  5. Nov 3rd
    Journalists [ Australia, Canada ] saying that Pheu Thai may back down and likely to reject amnesty amendment as it is. This will allow a sigh of relief while they reinvent a way to get Thaksin back but leave Abhisit to face trial. Many International journalists asking among themselves are why the Government has put its head in a noose. .

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