Communications: Yingluck at 44% & Abhisit at 22%! Elite controlled Thai press & Thai social network irrelevant?

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Terence Chulavachana

A recent Thai poll asked the Thais, if an election was held today, who will you vote for? About 44% of respondent said for Yingluck‘s Pheu Thai Party and the closest runner-up is Abhisit‘s Democrat Party at about 22%.

When Thaksin said Thailand’s two Englich newspapers, meaning Bangkok Post and Nation were against him, Thaksin was only talking about the tip of the ice-berg. In fact, in Thailand, all newspeper, except for the neutral Matichon group, is against Thaksin. You name it, from the most circulated and powerful, Thai Rath, to Daily News, to the 10s of string of far right newspaper like Manager, Naew Na, Siam Rath and Thai Post and the rest, are more than against Thaksin, but these press “Hate Thaksin.” The fact is, if one was to go to a typical Thai news-stand, all of it, except again for Matichon Group, all of them are against Thaksin and Yinghluck.

On Social Network, it is about the same thing with news-stand, both Facebook and Twitter are dominated by the anti Thaksin and Yingluck middle-class, that have great access and time to play the social network. Blog wise, they are mostly neutral, but then there are famous blogs like 2Bangkok and Thai Visa for example, catering to expatriates, that are also anti Thaksin and Yingluck.

The summary is, when one looks at the major communications arteries in Thailand, most of it, are against Thaksin and Yingluck, except for a few.

There has been much talk on how the press and social network, have the power to influence the public. But what is going on in Thailand, where again about 90% of the communication channel is against Thaksin and Yingluck, with many, openly supporting Abhisit, but for Abhisit to be getting only a 22% support and Yingluck at 44%?

Has the power of the press, like Bangkok Post, Nation, Thai Rath, Manager and the anti Thaksin and Yingluck middle class controlling most of the narratives on social network, just simply “Irrelevant?”

In business there is a concept called market leaders. These market leaders are called “Influencers” and they are mainly responsible for creating societal “Trends.” Why have the likes of Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath lost the “Influencer” quality?

In market research, about those who influence society, there are some characteristic of influencers. They are mainly that these influencers are very well informed and willing to try out new concept and ideas.

The other day, believe it or not, a Bangkok Post famous with its market segment opinion writer, actually “Insinuated” that New York Times was paid to run articles by Thaksin.

That type of thinking by a leading opinion maker at the likes of Bangkok Post, considered the sharpest propagandist for the elite establishment says it all, about the decline of the likes of Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath, as comments such as that, is just simply too ignorant to be taken seriously, by anyone, who is well informed.

Similarly, when one look at the social network in Thailand on politics, it is just mostly similar to Abhisit’s “Stupid Bitch” remark, in that the middle-class Thais, being against Thaksin and Yingluck, are pumping out nothing but ignorance, that means nothing to influencers who are well informed.

Lastly, influencers are prople who are willing to try new ideas and concepts. The problem for the Thai elite establishment and its press like Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath, and its control of the social network is that the message of the elite, is an old one, that has proven to have failed Thailand ambitions to move into the future, all globalized, international and modern.

In marketing terms, the Thai elite establishment and its press, again like Bangkok Post, is just an old company doing the same old thing over and over, trying to sell the same old thing to the same old people.

Yet, Thailand has moved ahead, and perhaps that is why, with all the communications stacked against her, Yingluck still enjoys 44% and Abhisit 22%.


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