Communications: Abhisit sends letters all over, but who is left listening to his narratives?

Abhisit Vejjajiva - World Economic Forum Annua...

Abhisit Vejjajiva – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

By Terence Chulavachana

I am sitting here going through my e-mails, where I have a few close friends, who for some reason love to send me articles and information about Thailand. “Yes” as a person who reads everything on Thailand and have connections everywhere, from high to low, little information escape me and I can say that I am probably one of the few Thais, who knows everything important there is to know about Thailand, and so all the information, friends send to me, is absolutely nothing new to me. Even when the wiki leaks came out, I was disappointed, in that most everything that was reveled, I already know.

But what I am trying to say, is not how well inform I am, but that as I looked at the information sent to me, one thing is clear, I am not the only one who knows what is going on in Thailand, but a great many other people also know what I know. With things like wiki leaks, and bloggers like Bangkok Pundit, Thailand Political Prisoners, Prachathai, and Thai E-News, New Mandala, along with the more tamed but straight news media like Matichon and Khao Sod, there is little hiding what is going on in Thailand.

But “Yes” I often translate Thai newspaper column, like from Matichon, Khao Sod and Thai Rath for Thai Intel readers to read, word for word, to help them get through the Bangkok Post and Nation propaganda blockade of pro elite establishment information. And amazingly, many foreigners reply to me in “Utter Surprise and Shock.” Most of the time, I just shrugged in dis-belief, saying to myself, how many there are still reading and believing the likes of Bangkok Post.

To get to the point, the Thai Parliament is debating the constitution and the budget, and Abhisit‘s Dems is doing a great deal of talking. Apart from doing a great deal of talking, Abhisit’s Dems have consistently draw up letters and giving the letters to foreign embassies in Bangkok and also the foreign press corps in Bangkok. They even sends letter to the UN, for example.

What surprise me, is that in Abhisit’s dems speech inside parliament and in letters it has sent to embassies and journalist, it is the same old narrative Abhisit’s Dems have given when it make speeches to its voters base, with the differences, that in letters, Abhisit’s Dems cites units belonging to the elite establishment, backing it up.

I am at a total loss, at what Abhisit is trying to do!

At most embassies in Thailand, there are the Thai specialist, most of them read Thai and went to school for years learning about Thailand, and of course, they do not just read the Bangkok Post and the Nation, and play an idiotic fool to those press, but they see what the likes of Matichon, Khao Sod and Thai Rath report. While I have little respect for Reuters, WSJ, and Bloomberg understanding of what is going on in Thailand, there is another layer, like all the think tank units globally, and these are no shallow journalist like at Reuters trying to sell news and influence the public, but these think tanks are real “Who is Who” and real power of the globe. These embassies and think tank units are no fool to buy into what Abhisit Dems is trying to sell and market to its voter base. They obviously, think independently of Abhisit and his press like Bangkok Post and Nation.

I mean, for example, just to simplify, it boggles the mind, how after so may court rulings, on the crack-down killings and the Burning of Bangkok, that went against Abhisit’s Dems, that Abhisit’s Dems, can still incite “”Fake News” that has proven “”In-correct” by the courts, and gives its muddled narrative to embassies and units globally, and also inside Thailand’s Parliament, that like the Red Shirts were violent terrorist who burned down Bangkok, and the protesters killed by black shirts.

How lost is Abhisit’s Dems?

Well, by now, anyone who is informed, know for example, Thailand’s independent units, such as the Constitutional Court, Administrative Court and the Human Rights Commission, are part of the elite establishment rule of Thailand. Who is Abhisit’s Dems trying to lie to and convince that they are “Just” and “Fair?” Bangkok Post and Nation readers? How many people buy into their elite and Abhisit’s Dems supporting narrative? Do people, like at the UN and think tank like Foreign Policy, with Thai specialist, reading everything, say something like, “Well, Bangkok Post says so, so it must be true and factual.” To most people who knows Thailand, what the likes of Bangkok Post and Nation say, is just considered “An Indicator” of what the elite establishment is propagating.

How many idiots and fools are there left who buys into Abhisit’s Dems narratives? And why is Abhisit going down market, for support from radicle reactionaries and not up market, to quality people like intellecturals?

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