Thai Crisis: A journey Into The Great Thai Divide!

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersecti...

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersection in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Terence Chulavachana

Over the years, I am often asked why is Thailand so divided.

Why can not the Thais settle their differences, as the divide, have hurt Thailand overall. Clearly, every side wants the best for Thailand, is what many foreigners tells me. And from that question and confusion, I am often asked to explain the problems of Thailand. Many wonder, why people like me struggle so fiercely against the elite establishment, to even faulting me, for helping to create “The Great Thai Divide.”

The problem of Thailand, from my perspective is quite simple, and that is the elite establishment will never be able to understand those struggling against it, such as me.

Originally, many who supports democracy, liberty and justice in Thailand, never was a big fan of Thaksin. And from a neutral point of view, Thaksin has many faults and many positives, just like most people. Thaksin is not unusual from most of us, and is just a mixed bag of good and bad.

The elite establishment, of course, focused on the negatives and went destroying Thaksin.

Over the years I saw the elite establishment twisted and corrupted everything, to destroy Thaksin, destroying the house, meaning Thailand, to catch the mouse, meaning Thaksin. And in that attack of Thaksin, a transformation of the elite establishment took place, and they became nothing but utterly corrupt and Fascist in nature.

In the elite establishment attack of Thaksin, with the transformation of their nature into Fascist, of course Fascism began to grow and prosper in Thailand.

With that growth of Fascism in Thailand, democracy, liberty and justice became under threat.

There is a great deal of talk about how Thaksin ignited the grass-roots interest in democracy, liberty and justice, by linking politics to the people. But for me, it was not so much that Thaksin was indirectly helping democracy, liberty and justice grow and prosper in Thailand, but more that Thaksin was standing against the Fascist elite establishment.

The elite establishment, of course, sees Thaksin as evil. But for many people, who end up fighting the elite establishment, it was more than choosing between the lesser of two evils.

The problem for the Fascist elite establishment is, when one look at their attack on Thaksin, with neutrality, many of the faults the elite establishment levy on Thaksin, begins to crumble. Take the Thaksin war on drugs, that in the final analysis, concludes there were never 1,000s killed. Or even the much attack Thaksin’s populous policies, where in fact the United Nations laud Thaksin’s universal health care program. Or corruption, where Transparency International sees Thaksin less corrupt than Abhisit or the Coup government of Sorrayuth.

Indeed, when we look at Thaksin with neutrality, there are many positives, not just negatives. Then when we look at the elite establishment, there are things like the 2006 coup and the crack-down that killed many.

In the end, when we do an analysis, we are left with only the elite establishment being utterly corrupt Fascist, and on the other side, the victims of that corrupt Fascist elite establishment prosecution. And concepts such as democracy, liberty and justice, threatened and destroy by the elite establishment along the way.

Everyday, I look at the elite establishment and its press, such as the Bangkok Post, and see all the corrupt and anti democracy of their nature, it gives me energy to keep struggling against the elite establishment. “Yes” the The Great Thai Divide” is far from over.

One thought on “Thai Crisis: A journey Into The Great Thai Divide!

  1. To understand Thailand and the political crisis since the illegal military coup of 2006 one needs to know something about the country’s past. Unfortunately, history cannot be taught honestly in a country where one vital topic is covered my the draconian Lese Majeste laws. Everything in history is distorted so much to render it meaningless.

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