Corruption Focus: 1) Insanity? Anti corruption unit to investigate rice scheme for fiscal discipline

By Thai News Break

Local press reports the Thai anti corruption unit, is to investigate the Yingluck‘s rice scheme if it broke fiscal discipline. It is unclear how the unit will define fiscal discipline or what does corruption has to do with fiscal discipline.

But observers familiar with the unit says following the unit workings, is like watching the movie “One Flew Over a Cookcoo’s Nest.”

Moodys earlier said Thailand’s credit rating was under threat because of the scheme, then reversed its position, for a correction, to say the scheme will not hurt Thailand’s credit rating.

Most Thai press have censored the correction. And global press such as Reuters, often quotes the earlier Moodys report, discounting the correction. It is unclear if the Thai anti corruption unit ever heard of Moodys or will it ignore the correction as most Thai press.

The IMF have OK the Yingluck’s populous policies, including the rice scheme as appropriate policy to stimulate the economy, as global economy is bearish. But it cautioned that the rice scheme must be monitored for cost.

Most economist says the rice scheme, putting money in farmers hand, that went circulating in the economy, has a multiplier effect of about 5 times, adding to Thailand’s GDP.

It is unclear, if the anti corruption unit understands economics or not, as the rice scheme cost and loss, is only a fraction, of the additive effect to GDP and thus, in effect, the rice scheme have added to net gains to the Thai economy, on the macro picture.

However, the Thai anti corruption unit, has a long track record of serving the anti Thakains and anti Yingluck elite establishment, and most observer says they are not surprised by the anti corruption unit investigating the rice scheme for fiscal discipline, as anything against Thaiksin and Yingluck, is a “Go” with the unit, no matter how insane it sounds.

The unit also plans to investigate a host of other corruption associated with the rice scheme. There have been many opinions that the scheme is affected with massive corruption. To most observer, that implies massive amount of evidence of corruption. However, thus far, little actual fact of corruption have been produced. It is also unclear if the anti corruption unit, will take people’s testimony of massive corruption, as real or not, at this stage, since little actual evidence has been produced. However, the unit’s past workings have levied corruption charges based on witness testimony before, even without supporting facts.

The corruption unit may also link the corruption, to the government, having said the government policy opens the door to corruption. Most observer says, all policies can be interpret as opening the door to corruption, and there is no such thing as an corruption air tight policy. In fact, the anti corruption unit, is investigating the Yingluck government for corruption, related to many cases, even before actual corruption took place, but for danger of corruption.

Overall, Thailand is being governed by the 2006 coup constitution, which gives independent units, such as the corruption unit, un-checkable powers. That absolute power, many argue, have lead to absolute corruption and abuse of power.

Thailand is a divided country where many people have lost their mind. Most observer says it is the Thai press that have caused so much insanity in the country. (source)

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