Announcement: Answering communications, received, on the lese majeste threat on me

Hi, all my about 300 to 500 followers;

Since my first announcement that I am suffering a lese majeste threat, I received many communications, mostly e-mails.

For example, one foreigner, said he has a net-work of about 2,000 people in Thailand, ready to hold a symbolic protest on my situation, another is a lawyer, who knows about Thai government and politics and technology inside out, offering me advice, another is a person, who had to deal with lese majeste before, and then another, a globally well known and widely respected, anti lese majeste, hero, who is ready to make a global statement on my situation, and tell me to fight back.

I just want to say thank you to all, and especially the others, who wished I continued blogging as normal, as they share my love of my blogging. I just want to say to everyone, that I do not really know what to do from here. Underneath my wild and crazy exterior, and all the bravado, I admit, I am very scared of jail.

If you know me, you know I have spent time in jail before, back in the 2006 coup days, and that I was physically attacked, by the coup government. But the jail term was short, and I knew it. I was not afraid. But lese majeste, we are talking years upon years. In sum, I just can not imaging, myself in jail, for years and years.

I just want to thank you all, but I am just totally lost, of what to do. All I know is, as my friend lawyer says, go on vacation with the family, have some good time before it is tool late, if it comes to jail. Hope all of you understand.


Terence Chulavachana

One thought on “Announcement: Answering communications, received, on the lese majeste threat on me

  1. I for one appreciate your work and feel that your predicament could befall all who cherish liberty and honesty. Go and take a holiday abroad before it’s to late.

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