Announcement: Light posting, under lese majeste threat & taking a vacation before it is too late

Hi, all of my about 300 to 500 followers;

Well, I am being investigated by the Yingluck, ICT Ministry, for lese majeste, to which I do not fault her. I know Abhisit‘s Dems, is hounding her to crack down on anything that verges on lese majeste. So at Thai Intel, when ever I come to the blog, it gets sent to the ICT, right away. I am quite depress about it, and talked to a lawyer friend of what to do and he says erase every blog post and edit out everything that is remotely can be seen as lese majeste, and hope it blows away, as I just sent a signal of saying sorry. Then he told me, but take a long vacation and spend time with the family, because, at any time, I could end up in jail. So I am off on vacation and to spend time with the family.


Terence Chulacachana

3 thoughts on “Announcement: Light posting, under lese majeste threat & taking a vacation before it is too late

  1. How bout this. If you want protection from Les Majeste, let’s call a meeting of these supporters. Organize it. I will come for sure and I can get another 2000 supporters. If we’ll use media coverage, protests or physical resistance, we can make that decision together.

  2. Hey Terence, Mark here.

    Good luck, tho’ I don’t think you should worry too much, the ICT Ministry aren’t exactly geniuses, They think they are but they’re just a bunch of under-achieving schoolkids trying to brown-nose the palace. Same as this government – terrified of a coup, terrified of the King, terrified of Prem, terrified of their own fucking shadows. Hopeless like all Thai governments. They know they can’t make lese majeste stick unless someone informs. Did someone inform on you?

    You need to be smarter my friend, proxies are your friends. I always use proxies, and that means I can say whatever I want and nobody can prove it was me. I can even put my name and address on this, and I know all I need to do is deny it and they’re fucked. Also wifey’s a lawyer so they’re really fucked. Ha! ICT Ministry that’s no fucking good with IT. That’s new. What a fine game we play.

    Good luck, and when you get back, don’t get depressed, get smarter.

    Mark P
    Premier Thai Lawyers

  3. In court the only thing that saves us evidence. Write no admissions. Leave a trail where you officially reprimand posts that smack of les majeste. Force the accusers to publish their accusations. I’m learning these techniques to survive in the workplace.

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