Injustice fact: 4) Rice scheme to Tawil to Chuan to Ferraris, Anti-Corruption Unit shows its “Corrupt Nature” in plain sight

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

The Thai anti-corruption unit, long known with the “In-Crowd” in Thailand, as being part of the Elite establishment rule of Thailand, is going where no anti corruption units globally have gone before, and is now advertising its “Corrupt Nature” in plain sight.

Recently, the unit came out to say Yingluck‘s rice scheme and others have the potential to cause corruption and threat Yingluck of cases of corruption on them, even before real corruption took place. Then after that, as Yingluck appointment of Thailand’s top spy was ruled wrong by the administrative court, the unit came out to advised Tawil, to his legal recourse at the unit, even before anyone lodge the case with the unit, and as Yingluck may appeal the decision at higher courts. Then right after that, as a case against Abhisit Dems, related to the sales of defunct asset, have sat collecting dust at the unit for years, got pressured on the unit to proceed with the case, local press reports the unit just came out to say the Dems leader, Chuan, whose government handled the asset sales, that Chuan is cleared from wrong doings. The damage, is in the US$ billions. Then the latest, as police is still investigating the details of a luxury car import scam, potentially linked to a Yingluck minister son, now the press say the unit is on the case.

The Thai anti-corruption unit is a colorful comical bunch, most neutral analyst says, with a long line of linkages to the 2006 coup government, that saw Thaksin as the evil man to get rid of, and the coup set the mandate for the anti-corruption unit, to go after Thaksin corruption. Even Transparency International findings, that Thaksin is less corrupt than the 2006 coup government or the military installed Abhisit government, did not see the unit go after the 2006 coup government or Abhisit. In fact, for example, some former unit people, who left the unit, is making a career out of attacking the Yingluck government, like Kaewsan, and the 2006 Coup government Prime Minister, well known corruption, in massive encroachment of a mountain that is part of a national Forest reserve, to build a resort, escape the unit prosecution for accountability. Even several well known corruption case by Abhisit government, such the vocational school equipment scandal and the police station scandal, in the billions, have thus far see the unit making little statement on them.

How can such a unit with such a behavior exists in Thailand, in these day and age? How can anyone, who dislike corruption, accepts the units workings? Well, after every coup in Thailand by the Elite establishment, have saw subsequent moves by the in power, to accused the ousted government as being corrupt, as a rationale for the coup, as a way to legitimize the power grab, which is an action of ultimate corruption. So the Thai people, many of them, can not face the real facts, but hide behind a mask of faulting others unjustly of corruption, so as to rationalize their philosophical position.

Until the Thais stop this childish political play, of “Politicizing Corruption” such as being exhibited by the anti corruption unit, corruption will never disappear, or lessen, from Thailand. And this can partially explain why, in poll after poll in Thailand, says the Thai people, can accept corruption, as there is clearly a “Double Standard” that everyone can see and have come to accept corruption “As A Game.”

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