Thai Culture: 5) A funny day for some foreigners! The “Idiotic” small school controversy is really “Idiotic”

PM Yingluck‘s Shinawatra’s Education Minister, Pongthep Thepkarnjana, said he plans to spend US$5 million to buy small school bus, to be used to transport students, as small school with few students are closed down, reports Matichon newspaper today. Pongthep, currently is trapped, in what many foreigners and Thai calls, The Thai Way.

The plan to close down small school is currently a massive controversial issue in Thailand, with anti Yingluck Thais on social networks and press, exploding with attacks on the policy as being “Idiotic” and showing how “Stupid” Yingluck is. Even the well known to hate Yingluck, Bangkok Post, came out with an editorial today, that closing down small schools is stupid.

However, to most neutral observer, the whole controversial and “Dramatic” exhibition by the anti Yinguck crowd, itself is idiotic, and are pointing out that the policy to shut down small schools, is the policy of most previous governments, including the former Education Minister under Abhisit Vejacheva government, Chinaworn Boonyakiet.

Most observer says, in a move typical of Abhisit’s Dems character, Chainaworn, now says he is to galvanize teachers and lead them in a protest against the current government’s education policy to terminate small school. The target, says Chinaworn is to protect Thai schools and outs the current Education Minister, Pongthep.

Chinaworn did not pick up the mantle against Pongthep right away, but after the social network exploded into an argument about the termination of some 2,000 small schools. The “Dividing Line” between the pro closure and anti closure, mostly follows the Thai political divide. Democrat Party deputy spokesperson, Malika, for example, is the latest to crossed the line, and used a much more graphic language to attack the termination of small school policy, calling Yingluck, quote, “A Moron” playing off an earlier hacker attack of Yingluck’s website to post a message that Yingluck is “A Moron.”

Both Chinaworn (before his new, now, position against closing small schools) and Pongthep, agrees that many small schools, with few students have resulted in poor quality education and thus the idea is to terminate them and have students attend larger nearby school.

Chinaworn, since being exposed of being a supporter of the school termination idea, is now shifting his efforts, to show that his termination “Implementation” is cutting edge and Pongthep’s “Implementation” is backward, going on the maximum onslaught of Pongthep.

Many foreigners on Social Network, who understands Thai language, and have seen the Thais discussing this issue, are mostly laughing at the Thais, particularly at the Thais, like Malika, who came out and blasted away at Yingluck and her minister, for being idiots, only to fall into utter silence, once found out it was also the Democrat Party’s Minister Chaiyaworn idea and also governments before that.

“The issue is not really about small schools. They do not give a shit about the schools and students. The real issue is about finding reasons to bitch at the Yingluck government,” says a few foreigners, on social networks, laughing very hard at the so called, “Thai Way.”

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