Thai Culture: 3) Decision! Decision! Abhisit sends an exposed to be a liar, to compete for an MP seat

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Abhisit‘s Democrat Party, just selected Tankhun Jitt-itsara as the Democrat Party candidate for the MP position, of the now vacant Don Muang district. The party, is struggling internally, to reform since it had lost every general election for the past 20 years.

  • Those in the party calling for reform, said the Democrat Party “Culture” has to change. One ingrained “Culture” of the Democrat Party, according to most neutral observers, is lying. Political pundits says, the Democrat Party under Abhisit, like to field “Good Looking” Young Turks, that are good at blasting away opponents.

However, culturally, normally, when people think of MPs they think and hope for someone, that is above average in their sense of responsibility, as they will be representing the people’s interest in Parliament. However, the Thai Elite Establishment and its press, such as the Bangkok Post, Nation and Reuters, is anti-Democracy. And they have ingrained into Thailand, a culture that sees politician from Thaksin and Yingluck affiliated political parties, as “Shitty.” So the Elite Establishment and its press, prefer the so called “Thai Style Democracy” where it is a “Half Breed” mixture, of dictatorship and democracy, ending in a fake democracy.

So in Thailand, for a long time, since the 2006 coup and before that, the culture is, MPs are ugly!

Last Saturday afternoon at a classroom in Boriboon Sin Suksa School in Don Muang district, Bangkok, a political crash took place between the Democrat Party and Pheu Thai Party.

While Karun, the former Pheu Thai MP representing Don Muang, was discussing the government’s small, medium and large (SML) community loan project with community members, he was told by his supporters Tankhun Jitt-itsara, a staunch Abhisit’s Democrat Party supporter, with 1,000s of social network followers, was recording Karun’s speech with his phone.

Karun along with his supporters then approached  Tankhun, who was standing at the back of the classroom. Without knowing to Tankhun, a person attending the SML meeting began to video the confrontation.

Karun told his political rival that he was infringing his rights by taking photos of him. Karun pointed to Tanakhul face and the situation heated up when the Democrat member repeatedly said, “Please don’t hurt me. Don’t use force.”

A woman who was in the crowd shouted back at Tankhun, “Who hurt you? Stop lying.” Finally Tankhun left.

Tanakhun was later interview by several news outfits, like MThai, and said he was physically attack at the SML meeting, and that his mobile phone was taken from him, by force, to erase the content. Tanakhul told the journalist, he was at the meeting, not to cause problems for Karun, but he was invited to attend and speak at the meeting.

Then news went on-line, like from MThai, almost right after the interview, that Karun and his thugs attacked Tankhun physically, at a meeting that both were invited to speak.

Then the video of what actually occurred was posted, showing there was no physical attack on Tankhun, just pointing of Tankun face. Then news came out from the organizer of the meeting, that they did not invite Tankhun, but he showed up on his own, and surprised the meeting.

Tankhun, perhaps seeing the video of what actually occurred posted and the statements coming out of the meeting organizer, quickly held a press meeting, and deny everything, not accepting he lied about most of what happened. Instead, he made more charges, this time that Karun and his thugs blocking his escape to safety, from the meeting. Most Thai press, of course, serving the Elite Establishment and are anti Thaksin and Yingluck, went along with Tankhun’s narratives.

What ever, but does not those actions by Tankhun, in a nut shell, just looks so typical of the Democrat Party’s typical MPs, especially like Abhisit’s character?

The lying at the Democrat Party, have been going for decades, since it yelled Predi killed the Thai King, in the movie theater.

As example, of what happened Karun, after the incident, Thaksin’s son, Oak, Facebooked posted, that Karun, was overly hot-headed, to have went and confronted Tankhun, who by all accounts, especially made to stop at the SML meeting, to stir up trouble. Oak said, Karun was lucky, that there were several evidence that supported him. If there were no evidence, the press would have killed Karun.

In the end, once the whole event became clear, Pheu Thai Party spokesman said Tankhun is mentally ill.

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