Thai Culture: 1) Sensitivity? A Royalism Award Event, to be held, on 3rd anniversary of death & dying for Democracy

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Exiled from Thailand for lese majeste accusations that has since been cleared by prosecutors, Chakraphop Penklah, questions why a major Thai artist award show, Nagaraj, had to be decided to be held next Sunday, when the Red Shirts will hold the 3rd year anniversary of the crack-down that killed about 100.

“Why an award celebration to artist, at an event with a track record of hyping up Royalism, has to be decided to be held, on the same day, as the anniversary of the death of so many who fought and died for Democracy,” asked Chakraphop.

Nagaraj translates to Royalty show.

Chakraphop cited incidents at other Nagaraj events, where for example, iconic celebrities, would make pro Royalism statements. A few years ago, a famous actor, said any Thai that does not love Thai Royalism, should leave Thailand, because Thailand belonged to the Royalism. Those words at Nagaraj, was broadcasted throughout Thailand, and many said, those types of words, are actually why Thai Royalism is loosing respect and followers.

Chakraphop, in answering why the Nagaraj event had to be held on the 3rd anniversary of the crack-down, dove into a long historical essay about how culture helps propagate philosophical positions, often working better than other system of communications. He cites countless examples, of Thailand’s top cultural award events, that the events had been presided over by Thai Royalism, and now the award, comes from Royalism.

He said the Elite Establishment propaganda machine, in arts and culture, is far superior to the works of Thailand’s Democratic Forces, citing the widespread and ingrained acceptance of the common Thais, of the patronage system, the capitalist system and the belief in religion system.

Chakraphop was the spokesman for a government close to Thaksin and a minister. He rose quick up the ranks as a professional academic and journalism, with a excellent mind, on the side of Democracy.

In a speech given at the Foreign Correspondence Club of Thailand, Chakraphop talked about how the Patronage System in Thailand had to change. The Elite Establishment, continuing on a witch hunt for anti Royalty people, targeted Chakraphop talk on Patronage System, as trying to topple the Thai King, and file charges of lese majeste on him. In the witch hunt, the prosecutor had to turn to a professor at the Royalist university Chulalongkorn, to “Decipher” what Chakraphop had to say mean.

The professor said the patronage System is the Thai Royalism, and thus to call for reform, is calling the Thai Royalisdm to reform. So in doing that, it is lese majeste. The police and prosecutor, thus went after him.

Chakraphop, as many other, exiled out of Thailand, and remain for years.

The attorney general office recently found that Chakraphop comment on the Patronage System is not lese majeste, and lifted the charges. Chakraphop, have remain in foreign countries and have not returned to Thailand.

Chakraphop, close to Thaksin, but says he and Thaksin have many differences, that at times, they struggle together, but at other times, they do not get along. That is quite common with Thais, on the side of Democracy, where many have serious reservations about Thaksin and Yingluck.

It is not known why Chakraphop still remain exile from Thailand. He has opened a book store in Bangkok, stacked of pro-democracy books, and from being mostly absent on Thai developments, have been more active on social networks. The manager of the book shop, latest check, says Chakraphop is OK, but miss Thailand.

Some analyst say, Chakraphop has decided to remain low-key, so as not to aggravate the Royalist into a Royalism lese majeste witch hunt, against Yingluck and Thaksin, where Yingluck appear to genuinely accepts Thai Royalism, as a normal and acceptable part of being Thai. As for Thaksin, he is reportedly to be similar to most Thais of modern day, in his thinking on Royalism.

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