Coup Focus: 2) Abhisit issues letter to globe avoiding “Coup Word” & calls it “Intervene”

By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Former PM Abhisit Vejacheva’s Democrat Party issue a letter yesterday, avoiding using the term “Coup” and referring  the 2006 Coup, as “Military Intervene” and blame the internene on Thaksin.

  • In the letter to the globe, the party said after the military intervene to outs a bad government and installed a civilian government for a short term, it held an election. so an election. Clearly, from the letter, Abhisit Democrat Party is telling the globe, that the party supports the 2006 coup, and is ready to defending the 2006 coup. There is nothing new here, except again, more confirmation.

The Abhist Democrat Party letter to the globe, says the about 100 killed civilian in the protest, was done by Tkaksin hired “Black Shirts gunmen. The letter did not mentioned a string of recent court ruling that the military killed the civilians, or the murder charges on Abhisit.

The party issued the letter, again said will be sent to global units, is in response to PM Yingluck’s Shinawatra pro democracy speech in Mongolia. In Mongolia, Yingluck said elements of anti democracy existed in Thailand currently, in the name of independent units, and said she hope the events that Thaksin and she had to endure, does not occur again.

Abhisit says Yingluck is white-washing Thaksin.

In the letter, Abhisit Dems launched into attacking Thaksin, on the various usual subjects. Most observer said that Abhisit Democrat Party line of thinking, is the reason why coups and military dictatorship happens often in Thailand, in that those in the political process, like a major political party like the Democrat Party, can still “Rationalize” events to support coups and dictatorship.

  • While Anhisit’s Dems, latest spin of events to support “Coup” polls and research found that 70% to 80% of Thais support Democracy, about 25% of Thais, mostly the Elite Establishment and its control of some Thais, continues to support some form of dictatorship.

Apart from the failed use of logic and rationals that sees Abhisit’s Dems support coup and dictatorship, there is the survival factor. Because there is little chance to win against such a percentage of Thais that supports Democracy, the Elite Establishment and its press, such as the Bangkok Post, Nation and Reuters, strategy is to confuse the Thais as to what democracy means and who stands for it, and attempts to paint the Pheu Thai Party as anti Democratic.

As that is taking place, the Elite Establishment and its press, pushes its interpretation of what is Democracy, on to the Thai people.

The Democrat Party and its press, again such as the Bangkok Post, Nation, Reuters, are trying to convince and fool the Thais, that the far extreme right, with the Elite Establishment at the center, a mixed between dictatorship and democracy. the so called Thai Style Democracy, is actually Democracy.

The Democrat Party, having failed to win a general election in about 20 years, have turned to rely on the Elite Establishment’s Thai Style Democracy, to put it in power, through destabilizing tactics and use of independent units, to weaken Thailand’s Democracy.

  • Most global units understand that Thaksin and Yingluck came from land-slide election winnings, and Abhisist’s government was formed in a military camp. Most observer who have read the Democrat Party statement, said the party is embarrassing itself by confirming to the globe, yet again that the party supports military “Dictatorship.”


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