Democracy: 8) Global parliament group & Thai law makers issue letters to Constitutional Court

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Today, at Parliament, a group of MPs and Senators, representing 312 MPs and Senators, held a press conference to announce the issuance of the group’s “Open Letter” to the Thai people, as to why they have rejected the powers of the constitutional court.

The letter comes after Thailand’s PM Yingluck Shinawatra made a pro Democracy speech in Mongolia and after 312 MPs and Senators, and the Constitutional Court have been confronting each other. The letter said the Constitutional Court have violated the constitution, in exercising its powers beyond what the law allowed. That being the case, the order of the Constitutional Court, on the Parliament and MPs and Senators  related to the amending of the military constitution, does not apply.

Also today, several groups of far extreme right Thais have petitioned the court to strip all Pheu Thai Party MPs from their MPs status. They have also linked their complain to Thaksin communicating with Pheu Thai MPs in their case to the court.

The International Parliamentary Union(IPU), is watching this “Constitutional Crisis” in Thailand, and has called on the Thai Constitutional Court to reverse its ruling that stripped one of a Pheu Thai Party MP and Red Shirts leader, Chartuporn Promphan, of his MPs status, as violation of international treaty, that Thailand is a party of.

A Pheu Thai Party MP today issued a call to the Constitutional Court, citing the IPU statement on Chartuporn, as evidence, of the court making a wrong ruling. A judge at the court earlier admitted that some rulings at the court was not based on justice but on politics. Most nuetral observer of Thai politics says the Constitutional Court is a tool of the anti democracy Elite Establishment, to control Thailand.

Most Thai press, such as Bangkok Post, Nation, Thai Rath and other far extreme right wing press are currently engaging in a massive propaganda effort to prop up the Constitutional Court, and de-legitamize Yingluck (Source).

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