Democracy: 4) Yingluck tells Constitutional Court judges they are destroying check & balance

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

PM Yingluck Shinawatra, indirectly criticized the Constitutional Court judges, saying, quote: “In creating check and balance between the three branch being Judicial, Legislative and Administrative it is important, each of the branches must counter weight the other, so there will be checks that is transparent……The interest to amend the constitution, I am certain, members of Parliament wants the process to follow Rule of Law, giving justice to the prosecuting and to the accused.”

Most neutral observer of Thailand, except the far right wing, Elite establishment, such as the Democrat Party, Yellow Shirts, Salim, and its press, such as Bangkok Post, Nation and Reuters, sees the Constitutional Court breaching the separation of powers of the branches in telling Parliament what it can and can not do in making law (Amending the Constitution).

Thailand’s Independent Rule of Law Commission recently criticized the Constitutional Court, saying there is a credibility problem with the court from questionable rulings, and recommended measures to improve the court’s function, mostly to ensure better chances for just and transparent rulings.

Most members of the Thai Parliament wants to amend the Constitution, drawn up by the 2006 coup government. In poll, most Thai says this is the right time to amend the constitution. In successive research and poll, found about 70% to 80% of Thais want Democracy, with the rest some form of far extreme right wing, dictatorship.

Of the current Thai constitution, Aung San Suu Kyi, said quote: “Thailand is the proof a military constitution does not work.”

Most neutral political analyst says the military constitution was put into power to protect the Elite Establishment controlling power over Thailand. The Elite establishment and its press, again such as Bangkok Post, Nation and Reuters are going all out to protect the Constitution and the Constitutional Court judges.

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