Democracy: 2) Abhisit counter Rule of Law Commission, says commission going backward

By Ranger, Thai Intel’s  political journalist

Former Thai PM, Abhisit, have come out to counter Thailand’s Independent Commission on the Rule of Law. The commission head, Ukrit Mongkolnavin, a few days ago, in an open letter, criticized the Constitutional Court judged and said the Constitution needs to be amended (Ukrit Open Letter).

Abhisit, to which Khao Sod newspaper today reported on page 14, said quote:

  • “”Concerning Ukrt’s opinion that the Constitution should be amended, it would be like reversing time backward which is similar to what the Pheu Thai Party wants, which is to consolidate all power into the administrative branch. The reduction of the Constitutional Court power, means going on majority rule. And when that means the administrative branch  it results in no check and balance on the administration. That is dangerous. This is not in accordance with democratic principles.”

What is Justice?

  • Thailand’s justice system, have played a key role in Thailand’s political conflict since the Thai King called on judges, in a speech five months before the coup to resolve a pending constitutional crisis. Since then, courts have voided an election won by Thaksin’s party, disbanded two parties linked to him, disqualified about 200 of his allies, sentenced him to jail and seized US$1.6 billion of his wealth.

While most Thai press and foreign press, such as Bangkok Post, Nation Group and Reuters support and protects the Thai Constitutional Court, most neutral observer of Thailand says the Constitutional Court is part of the elite establishment, and was created to guarantee, the “Elite Power Control” of Thailand. The Thai Constitutional Court has a close relationship to the former Thai PM, Abhisit Vajachiva, and is extremely close to those who planned and staged the 2006 coup.

The Constitutional Court judges, have in the past year, translated the word “And” to mean “Or” and gave itself unilateral power, kicking out the Attorney General’s Office, in accepting cases and making rulings. The Constitutional Court have also erased its website to hide statements that it must go through the Attorney’s Office, and recalled the court’s books that said the same thing.

The Constitutional Court is now involved in telling Parliament if it can amend the Constitution or not. Most neutral analyst said the Constitutional Court is trying the protect itself, and the “Controlling Power” of the Constitutional Court and the Elite-establishment.

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