Democracy: 1) After years of struggle, some “Truth & Facts” on Thai politics emerging


by Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Over the past 2 to 3 months there were many surprising Thai political and economic news. All of that surprising news, points to the truth, that have been hidden in Thailand, trying to “Emerge” from all the cover-ups and all the propaganda.

  • Some “Truth and Facts” that are emerging:

First; On the truth about the crack-down on the Red Shirts protesters by Abhisit, there are many court cases of killed protesters in the Abhisit crack-down, that the court says were soldiers killing protesters, in execution style, with no so called “Black Shirt” defense or offense in vicinity, to provoke the military action.

Second; On exposing Abhisit’s propaganda about existence of terrorist, the court ordered the insurer of Central World that was burned during the political crisis, to pay Central World insurance coverage, as the case is not “Terrorism” related, as Abhisit says, but relates to riots.

Third; On exposing Abhisit’s propaganda about Red Shirts burning Bangkok, the court earlier found that youth arrested for burning the Central World, to be not guilty as charged. The court ruled that the youth are not capable for setting fire to the Central World center.

Fourth; On exposing Thailand’s justice system as being political, a Thai constitutional court judge expressed regrets of having disbanded political parties close to Thaksin and ousting a PM for going on TV to cook. The judge said the move to disband was, quote: “Political.” The judge who said the judgement is based on politics and expressed the regret, is now trying to cover up what he said.

Fifth; On the hypocrisy of the Elite Establishment, earlier, a group of about 100 pro Elite Establishment Thais, calling for Freedom of Expression protested a TV channel for banning a Soap Program. Now, the Elite establishment have protested another TV station, calling for banning a TV program. The internet social networks are ridiculing the Elite Establishment.

Sixth; On exposing Thai Royalism, the Thai justice system comes to a stand-still road block, when the constitutional court, protecting the Elite Establishment, says investigating a legal case in Thailand involving the Blue Diamond, with evidence in foreign country, is illegal.

Seventh; On exposing the Thai media, despite many of Thailand’s media criticizing that Thailand’s economy is on the verge of collapse, a credit rating agency, Fitch, just up-graded Thailand rating.

Eights; On exposing legal impunity, the Yellow Shirts have finally, been indicted for their leading role in closing down Thailand’s airports years earlier. Tentatively, this ends years of impunity from justice by the Yellow Shirts.

  • All of the above points to glimpse of truth, that are trying to emerg:

They are part of the truth about Thailand, that the Elite establishment have been trying to hide.

Thai Elite Establishment success in hiding truth and facts, of course, is because most of the press in Thailand, Thai and foreign, are helping the the Elite Establishment cover-up the “Truth.”

A string of news outfit in Thailand, from Reuters, Time Magazine, Financial TimesBangkok Post to the Nation and other support Abhisit and have been greatly “Critical” of Yingluck.They never, turn on or direct “Critical Thinking” to the Elite Establishment.

These media would greatly attack Yingluck on a continuous basis, on issues such as minimum wage policy, rice subsidy scheme and others, including her plan spending on infrastructure development. And they would ignor, all negative news to the Elite Establishment.

These media, will also link any anti Democracy move by the Elite establishment to Thaksin, in an attempt to propagate the Elite establishment position, that everything in Thailand is about Thaksin and not democracy and freedom.

To understand why these media have focus exclusively on attacking Yinaluck are some facts, hidden in plain sight.

For example, most of Reuters customer in Thailand are Elite Establishment related. Then Time Magazine’s Bangkok journalist helps market business that belongs to people close to Abhisit. Then Financial Times, gave Abhisit’s Korn the minister of the year award. Then Bangkok Post’s board is filled with Abhisit people and the Nation have enjoy a long lucrative business deal with Abhisit.

One thought on “Democracy: 1) After years of struggle, some “Truth & Facts” on Thai politics emerging

  1. From Executive Summary of National Anti-Corruption Strategy. “The Thai justice system is weak and constantly manipulated by so-called ‘persons of influence’ (Thai Mafia) and politicians.”

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