Human Rights: 5) After AI reform, Somyot gets prisoner of conscious status & still FCCT shuns Somyot

There is always hope

There is always hope

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

During the depth of Thailand’s usage of lese majeste, during the Abhisit government, Amnesty International decided on a policy of quote  “Engagement and working with the system.” That working with the system, took Amnesty International to the point of issuing statement that this and that victim of lese majeste, was quote: “Almost a prisoner of conscious.”

The engagement policy by Amnesty International, was pushed for by its Thailand researcher, Zawacki, and throughout the years that followed, Amnesty International drifted to being close to supporting Thai Royalism, and was making lese and less statement on the issue of lese majeste.

Well, that researcher has reportedly left Amnesty International, and Somyot was cited as a prisoner of conscious. Many observer, saying it was only because Zawacki has left.

Yet with Thailand’s foreign press community, Somyot is shunned. It is as if the entire foreign press community in Bangkok, is headed by Zawacki. Somyot is shunned because he was an editor of a magazine called “Voice of Thaksin.” In fact, the foreign journalist club of Thailand, refuse to make a statement on Somyot.

  • “Somyot is not a real journalist working for that rag,” said a member of the foreign journo club of Thailand.

It is tempting to ask who are the journalist at Thailand’s foreign journo club. Perhaps, the club is filled with members like journalist from Time Magazine, who is close to Abhisit, to the extent of went promoting its business. Or perhaps it is like Reuters journalist, who hates Thaksin and Yingluck, because its customers are namely anti Thaksin and Yingluck people.

What ever their rationale, Freedom House, European Union, United Nations, Human Rights Watch and off course, Amnesty International have all made statements on Somyot. Again, Thailand’s foreign journalist club, refuse to make a statement on Somyot.

The following is from the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand (FCCT)

The FCCT’s Board has come under pressure to condemn the sentence given to Somyot Prukasaemsuk. While we were not unanimous in regards to commenting on particular legal cases, we see Article 112 of the Criminal Code, and the Computer Crimes Act, as constraints to freedom of expression, and oppose the application of these laws in a way that intimidates both local and foreign press to refrain from publishing dissenting political views. The Board is unanimous in this regard.

 The FCCT Board

06 February 2013

One thought on “Human Rights: 5) After AI reform, Somyot gets prisoner of conscious status & still FCCT shuns Somyot

  1. if you are reading this and you know that this is not spam, being a user of WordPress I know how easy it is to make you think I am actually someone that is interested. Trust me, I am not that person. Tammy, you have a unique way of looking at things but your English doesn’t make complete sense to me. I am not sure if you are native to US Style of English. You make common mistakes that make me think that you are someone that has great ideas but suffer from what I call Asian choppiness. I would be a fool to let that disrupt a good idea, however I would be a greater fool if I were to believe in you because of two hot Asians you posted in 2008. Brilliant marketing move BTW.

    I am 4th generation US / American. 3/4 of my family immigrated here legally. 1/4 jump ship at Ellis Island during the potato famine. 3/4 Catholic, 1/4 Baptist (the Baptist side came here legally.) I left the Catholic faith for the Eastern Orthodox Faith and then married a Filipino Catholic. Irony at its best.

    I had four sets of grandparents. All from very unique, yet similar backgrounds. All of the same race. I chose to join another background with some as the same faith as 3/4 of my family. The 1/4 Grandpa Owen, never bought into the Catholic Faith, but supported it. People say, run off and join the circus, I ran off and joined the Greeks. So I have as a background Portuguese, Swiss-Italian, Irish Catholic (south), Protestant Catholic (north), little German mixed in there too.

    My wife was born in the Philippines, her mother lived under Marcos and often speaks of the dictatorship that was his rule.

    In this confusing cultural identity of mine I have learned something important. A lot is left up to our point of view. How we see and interpret things. Our analysis on the events at hand can lead to so many conclusions. What is said on the news may not always be the whole story. Easter Sunday in 1999 I watched as my country bombed Serbia in defense of a people they did not fully understand. I will not deny bad things were done, but they were done by both sides. Organizations like the AI get tricked, fooled, and blindly follow where their bleeding hearts lead. This is when I learned that one should look objectivly to the issue.

    I am not sure if I am making sense to you right now. My background isn’t to serve as credibility but the lack of. I do not understand what is happening in your world, I am still not convinced I know what has happens in mine. My grandparents are dead. The only living link to the Philippians is through my mother-law. I have a feeling we are all not so different. I really and truly want to understand your position, but I need to be honest, I do not understand your posts. I do know enough of Asia to know, this is not because you are dumb, I just need help to understand your point. I am very interested to know what is going on in your land. I do belie that time never dies and the circle is not round. This world, this existence, your struggle, strife, it is not unique, different, but not unique. This means with the sum of human knowledge, we can break the cycle and bring peace to a world that wants it, simply does not know how to achieve it.
    And that is ok, that is why we are here.

    I want to learn more about you.

    Please send me an email, let me know how you see things. It may take a day, week, year, or month to respond. My life is uniquely challenging and my days on this earth may be up before you read this, or can continue to see many generations, today, I am not sure. But today, you have stood out and made me think more than most people have. This is why I take time to tell you about me.

    Vincent Clark

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