Justice: 1) Facebook & YouTube allow Royalist girl posting that she will kill Thais who does not love Royalism


By Tammy, Thai Intel‘s humanity journalist

As insane as it sounds, a well-known Thai Royalist girl, who calls herself “โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง” have posted a video clip on Facebook and YouTube saying she will kill Thais that does not love the Royalism.

  • Her sentiment, encapsulates the Abhisit’s government crack-down on protesters, a few years back, where the rationale on the crackdown, had a great deal to do with “Saving the Thai Roya,ism.” That saving the Royalism by Abhisit, saw a “Mind Map” of some 30 to 40 people, said to be link in a plot to topple the Thai Royalism, with the map headed by Thaksin. The Abhisit crack-down, saw about 100 protesters killed.

On Facebook and YouTube, โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง, started her video clip saying and crying how much she loves the Thai Royalism. Then she dove into how the Thai Royalism must be protected, from destruction by those who does not love the Thai Royalism.

Then she ended her video clip saying quote: “I will kill you.”

The video clip, on Facebook and YouTube, may have been pulled by โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง in recent days, as she is implicated in the theft of money donated to the Fascist, Seh Ai, gathering against Yingluck last month, in Seh Ai’s calling for a coup and to freeze Thailand for a junta government.

Apparently, โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง took donations from Thais who supported Fascist Seh Ai gathering.  โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง told them they were for supplies to support Seh Ai’s gathering, such as voice amplifiers and two way radio communications handset.

โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง instead, deposited the funds in her personal account and never bought such supply for the Fascist Seh Ai gathering.

Then rumor started to circle that โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง took the money for her personal use.

โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง denied all allegations, until, a person who donated money, asked for her donation of 5,000 baht back from โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง, and presented the proof that she donated the money, with a bank statement-all posted on โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง Facebook account.

This donator also asked for proof that โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง actually purchased supply for the Fascist gathering, as was the excuse to ask for donations. โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง refereed the situation to the Fascist Seh Ai organization, to which the organization, said they received very little from โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง.

Perhaps cornered by the evidence, โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง went and erased all Facebook communications, relating to the donation, and some say on Twitter, that โอมเพี้ยงรักในหลวง have also took down her Facebook posting, that she will kill Thais who does not love the Royalism.

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